Josephites Around the World


IMG_0952NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : Geography came alive in the classroom when the Josephites of Class VI explored the seven amazing continents with a fun filled activity. The students represented different continents and presented information with the help of variety of aids. Colourful Charts, Modals and powerpact Presentations enlightened the atmosphere.

The Students took this activity with great zest and left no stone unturned to gather information about the continents alloted to them. They came out with impressive ideas to display their special skills. Variety of books of the Library and the newspapers were being read for searching the best information till date. The activity also strengthened the bond between pupil and teacher. The aim was to develop a healthy competition and team spirit.

The activity left its permament impression on the memory of the students which was a result of ‘Learning by Doing’ which we, ‘Josephites’ believe in.

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