Karan Oberoi presents solo song ‘Challa’ on EROS


Challa By Karan Oberoi

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : ‘Band of Boys’ fame City boy Karan Oberoi, an eminent  personality in the film and TV industry, released his solo song “Challa” at DSOI Army Club in Chandigarh today.

Having started his acting career in 1999, he essayed important roles in acclaimed serials like ‘Swabhimaan’, ‘Saaya’ and ‘Dishayen’. Going on to do the popular show ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’ and hosting ‘Antakshari’ and ‘Hai Na Bolo Bolo’.

Not only was he part of India’s only successful and well-known boy band – ‘A Band Of Boys’, he also played a major role in setting up and making it a famous brand. They did stage shows and he has performed in over 1,000 concerts across the globe. Three of their albums were ground-breaking platinum hits. The band also starred in a movie ‘Kis Kis Ko’ in 2004.


He now heads and runs a film production company called ‘Crooner Studio’ in Mumbai. This is Karan’s first foray into solo singing… his debut single, called ‘Challa’. Challa is  a very simple, organic melody, which is extremely hummable. The treatment of the music is acoustic and basic. It was originally created for a Hindi film, but due to certain circumstances it didn’t go into the film.

Karan started performing the song at his solo concerts.. and was surprised at the overwhelming response, almost at every event he was asked for an encore. That made him realise that there might be something about the song which is finding a connect with people, because he had, had a very similar, experience with Band of Boys’ song ‘Meri Neend Ud Gayi Hai’, which wasn’t supposed to be a part of the original  album. It was included, seeing the response, at various concerts.

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That’s why Karan decided to start his solo journey with a song that he loved, and was being shown the same affection at his concerts. The music has been arranged, programmed, and created by Sargam Jassu, and the very simple and beautiful lyrics have been penned by Preeti Verma.

The concept of the video has  been created and  written by Karan and directed by Sahil Seth. The idea was to create a visual and a story line, that was in contrast to the lyrics of the song, and go off the beaten track, to give it a treatment, that was more edgy in nature.. also the endeavour was to actually try and shoot it like a mini film, like it used to happen in the good old days of indie pop. To give it a certain, rich, production value so that it cuts the clutter of hand held 5D home shot videos, the contrasting narrative has created a  visual hook.


Karan has and always will be a die hard romantic. He loves to sing songs of love, hope and romance. Just like him, his songs are very simple and basic. He’s had a wonderful stint with his band, Band of Boys and they still continue to make music.

The next band album also releasing soon, but this is his individual expression. Because, the band is known for a more electronic sound. Karan’s songs are organic, and he’s most comfortable with just a guitar and his voice, simple soulful melodies. His stage shows are also a highly interactive experience, where he has a conversation with his audiences and weaves a story around every song he performs.

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This is just the beginning of his solo journey…he intends to carve a little space for  himself in the burgeoning Indie Music scene, with a distinct sound and individuality. A full album of his expression and thoughts as an artist is ready. That will be released in the coming months and he hopes to find a place in the hearts of the people, just like the overwhelming love he has received with his band.