KENT RO introduces a whole new range of HEPA Air Purifiers – Mission Breathe Pure


For Years, KENT RO ensured you Drink Pure, Now Breathe Pure Too

NewZNew (New Delhi) : Are you Gasping for fresh air? With the pollution levels in India touching alarming heights and a new danger wreaking havoc in the city named as Smog, KENT RO Systems Ltd, has launched a whole new range of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) based Air Purifiers.

KENT-AuraTo combat indoor air pollution and ensuring healthier breathing, two new models have been introduced, KENT Aura Air Purifier and KENT Eternal Air Purifier. Both are HEPA Pure Technology Based Models that removes dangerous particulates from Air.

HEPA filters have the efficiency to catch and trap indoor carcinogens particles like PM 2.5 particulates (removes up-to 99.99 %), Pollen, Allergens, Surface adhering Mold, Fine Dust and clinging odors like Cigarette smoke, foul smells or pet odor. Unlike other purification technologies, which might emit chemicals or any plasma-formed bi-products, KENT superior HEPA Technology is a sure bet for you and your loved ones.

Addressing the severity of Air Pollution in the country and critical effects of Smog, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd., said, “The city’s air quality has deteriorated sharply during the past few days. The high prevalence of pollution in India has caused a rise in cases of new onset of asthma or a degree of breathlessness. Understanding this serious concern, we have come out with a solution that will let you breathe Pure Air and ensure the health of your whole family.”

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KENT-EternalGoing by the methodology, these air purifiers use a combination of purification systems as well as a set of filters. The three stage filtration process gives you an excellent level of Air Purification. Kent Air-Purifiers uses tested and trusted a unique designed PRE filter which catches and removes large particulate matter with high efficiency, Anti-bacterial coated ‘HEPA’ (high efficiency particulate arrestor) developed with superior Japanese technology, catches and traps SPM (suspended particulate matter) as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99 %. and ‘Specially treated/high grade adsorbent carbon media/ Catalytic Carbon adsorbent filter’ filter for purifying the indoor air.

KENT Aura Air Purifier is a smart device that cleanses air silently, unlike other purifiers. It uses dust sensors to monitor the quality of Air and works well in 270 sq ft rooms. It is capable of removing dust, allergens, chemicals, viruses, odors, and other indoor air pollutants from rooms at home and work. With an outstanding HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology from Japan with an inbuilt ionizer that keeps the air fresh, KENT Aura is an innovation in both performance and technology. For convenience, KENT Aura Air Purifier is pre-equipped with filter replacement indicators. The new KENT Aura Air Purifier is enabled with a child lock feature ensuring that the little monsters in your house don’t make any unwanted changes in settings of purifier. Priced at: Rs.

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KENT Eternal Air Purifier comes with a higher capacity which is ideal for an area of 377 sq feet. That means you can purify area of your living room and lobby with this purifier ideally. This model has a blend of innovative technologies including HEPA Dust collection technology, Innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology. High EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) will ultimately reduce energy consumption. In simple words, impeccable performance and quiet operation in a sleek, compact design.  It incorporates some smart features like Air Quality Monitor, and filter replacement indicators and low noise operations. These aesthetically designed, Air purifiers are portable and can be kept on the floor or table.

Priced at: Rs.



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