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Kisan Goshthees at CII Agro Tech 2014

Only proper education and application of resources can be the way forward for the Indian agro sector – CII Experts at Kisan Goshthees, CII Agro Tech 2014   

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NewZNew (Chandigarh) : CII Experts interacting with farmers at ‘Kisan Goshthees’ currently underway at CII Agro Tech 2014, Chandigarh believe that “only proper education and application of new-age resources can be the way forward for the Indian agro sector”.

Organised to educate farmers on various farming issues which help them in enhancing agricultural productivity, ‘Kisan Goshthees’ on the first day today hosted 3 sessions – Protected Agriculture and Precision Farming, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management – Air, Soil & Water.

Interacting with the farmers who have come from various parts of the country, the experts shared views on the future prospects of agriculture and how it can be developed by protecting natural resources and taking care of the crops during climate change.

Mr.­­­­­­­­­­ Vikram Ahuja, Director, Zamidara Farm Solutions interacting in the first session on Protected Agriculture and Precision Farming, said, “A keen understanding of new age farming techniques will be the way forward for the Indian Agro Sector. Protected agriculture and measured cropping are concepts that are rapidly growing across the country, especially in new agro areas. With increasing demands of food resources in the country, these innovative and effective farming techniques are expected to provide further push to the Indian agro Sector.”

In the post lunch session, speaking on the Climate Change, Mr. Satnam Singh Ladhar, Additional Director (Environment), Punjab State Council for Science and Technology said, “The increasing temperature and sudden climate change are some of the key factors that harm crop growing and lessen their cost-effectiveness. Thus the need of the hour is to put into practice the proper management of the farming land and understand the final results that are affected by focusing on climate change.”

farmers at Agrotech 2014In the final session of the day, Dr. Prabhjyot Kaur, Agro- Metrologist highlighted the topic of Natural Resource Management – Air, Soil & Water and said, “Due to erratic climate conditions, unpredictable rainfall, and excessive use of fertilizers, our natural sources like Air, Soil, Water and biological systems are severely affected thus diminishing cultivation. Thus it is only by focusing on organic farming and reducing forest harvesting, that we can maintain the fertility of the soil.”

Other experts included Ms. Arshinder Kaur, Founder, Eco & Agro Resource Management, Mr. Gunbir Singh, President, Dilbir Foundation who were present to answer the queries of farmers on different farming issues related to climate change and natural resource management.

Armed with new-found awareness about farming techniques, farmers were seen interacting with confidence post the ‘Kisan Goshthees’ where Ram Kumar, a second-generation farmer from Sonipat said, “Coming to Agro Tech is like a new birth for me, where I got to know so many new techniques and information. I now believe that I have been farming incorrectly all my life, and thus could not get proper yield from my farms. I have bought one tractor and a few machinery equipments from this expo and I am confident that now I will be able to cultivate my fields more efficiently. I will bring all my family members to the next edition that will enable sweeping changes into their farming techniques.”

Ms Gurmeet Kaur from District Ropar who has come to visit Agro Tech 2014 with a team of nearly 350 women trainees from Punjab Dairy Development Board shared that, “Under a new Dairy Programme started by the Government of Punjab Diary Training Centre at Chitambli Village, District Ropar, we have been able to train around 31 women folk in 2 batches. I am very happy to visit Agro Tech as it has provided me and my team a platform to meet experts and talk on issues related to agriculture and diary sector.”

The Agro Tech 2014 is playing host to farmer delegations from states such as Assam, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan who have come to learn and experience the next and best in agriculture practices. Karsem Dorjee from Assam said, “This is the first time that I have ever visited any agro fair and I am amazed at the information that I have gathered in here. I attended the Kisan Goshthee and understood many new methods of agriculture which I will definitely incorporate back at my village.”

“We never get to interact with industry experts back in Assam because of which we still are struck with age-old techniques. I am sure with this new-found knowledge I would become the most follower farmer of my village.” concludes the visually happy Karsem.

The CII Agro Tech 2014 will also feature International Conferences on Horticulture Value Chain, Animal Husbandry, Innovations in Agriculture, World View of India as a Food Basket and Food Processing, Storage & Distribution; and Country specific Session on ‘Business Opportunities in Africa & Interactive Session with German Agriculture and Dairy Companies

CEOs Roundtable with Secretary – Agriculture, Government of India deliberated on various policy issues for putting India on the global agri map

Some of the other interesting features of CII Agro Tech 2014 include Interesting live display of Automatic Feed System for Poultry and Dairy Farm Development Mobile Vans at Livestock Expo, Live display of Fish Farming, Food Tech with interesting display of ‘Vito’ Oil Filtration System, Interesting displays on Integrated Agri Business Model for Waste Land Development and benefits derived from Paddy Straw Composting, Live display of Soilless Farming (Hydroponics) and functional Solar Pump, Animal Identification system (RFIDs), cooling solutions for Livestock, Veterinary homoeopath products, Implementex displaying digital panel for Tractors and Solar Energy Systems, Proposal to launch newer & efficient model of tractors and display of foldable water tank, Rice Transplanters, Vertical Garden at Good Earth Show.

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