Knee replacement and Revision surgeries on the rise


Attune Knee System Technique will minimize the need of revision surgery

NewZNew (Ludhiana) : For the third time, 65-year-old female patient from Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, has gone through the knee replacement surgery; this time at SPS Hospital, Ludhiana. Earlier, she had got the procedure done from another leading private hospital of another city. Dr Harpreet S. Gill, Senior Consultant and head of Orthopaedics and Joint replacement at SPS Hospital, Ludhiana, stated, “I have operated with the Fourth Generation Knee System Technique for the first time in this region. There have been so many cases coming all the way from different cities for revision surgery. Now, due to this technique, they do not need to go anywhere for the revision surgeries atleast. So, they can save money and avoid the pain.”


Explaining about the new technique, Dr Gill said nowadays younger patients are undergoing surgery and everyone wants that it should last a lifetime. So, newer techniques and knee implants are being developed. “We see around 4-5 cases per month, which require revision because of multiple reasons such as loosening, infection, wear and tear of implant. However, patients are not keen on revision because of exorbitant cost of revision surgery and its morbidity. Hence, the need of a system that would last forever arises,” says Dr Gill.

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Prof Dr Heiko Graichen from Germany, who is a world authority in the knee replacement surgery, visited the SPS Hospital, Ludhiana. He stated that knee bones of Indians are smaller as compared to the Westerners. For knee replacement surgery, a lot of bone has to be cut to fit the knee prosthesis but with this knee implant, less bone is cut. Hence the fit is better, thus promising more motion and stability in the operated knee. He stated that in his 40 years of experience, he has seen a lot of advancements in knee replacement surgery. “Attune Knee System has helped us engineer a solution that allows us to personalise each patients’ needs and fit, thus making the patient comfortable post the surgery. This Knee System introduces the most anatomically accurate components,” he said.


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