Legendary Punjabi Singer/Actor Harbhajan Mann’s single ‘Ikk Ikk Saah’ released


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A very hummable single by Harbhajan Mann – ‘Ikk Ikk Saah’, was released by the popular Punjabi Singer & Actor in Chandigarh. Accompanying him during the event was Sumeet Singh from Unisys Infosolutions-Saga Music, which has produced the song. The event was organized in association with DT Cinemas, DLF City Centre, IT Park, Chandigarh.


‘Ikk Ikk Saah’ is a melodious song sung by Harbhajan in his captivating voice. It is not just another Punjabi Video, but a technical marvel as it has been made with state-of-the-art equipment and in a style that compares well with International standards. The Music Director is Tigerstyle, the lyrics which are really touching are by Preet Kanwal. The 5- minute video is quite emotive & replete with a showcase of very soft & Romantic lyrics. The song is being liked by fans a lot — this can be gauged from the fact that the enchanting number has been able to get a tremendous response on digital media. The single has received over a lakh views, though it’s just been some hours since it was put on YouTube.

“The track has been shot in the beautiful and salubrious environs of Canada.We have displayed an exotic countryside and there is a very nice mix of modernity and vintage times which comes across in the cars & other aspects of the video. It’s a true Romantic number with feelings of love that touch the listener’s heart.” Said Harbhajan Mann about the single. The single is just the start of the collaboration of Unisys Infosolutions & Saga Music with Harbhajan Mann, who undoubtedly is Punjabi Entertainment Industry’s most respected and popular performer.

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“The launch of this single is a precursor to a lot of exciting music & films that we plan with Harbhajan. A mega Punjabi film – ‘Saadey CM Saab’ which has Harbhajan in the lead will be out in middle of 2016. ‘Saadey CM Saab’ is a thriller comedy film & is going to be the Biggest Punjabi film of the year 2016 in terms of Technology, Production, Budget & Casting. For the first time a Punjabi film will also be dubbed in Hindi so that a much wider audience is targeted for it.” Said Sumeet Singh, MD, Unisys Infosolutions & Saga Music. It is noteworthy that Unisys Infosolutions-Saga Music has achieved recognition in not just North India but also Bollywood, as it is the digital marketing partner for names like Yash Raj Films.

Watch Video Here

“I am very excited to be working in unison with Unisys Infosolutions-Saga Music as this company has revolutionized the way Punjabi Entertainment — both Music as well as Cinema is packaged and marketed. Thanks to the knowhow brought in by this corporate Punjabi Films have received a quality tag and now these are gradually entering the bigger arena.”


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