Let’s Make a Mug Too Season Episode 4 Release Date Time Cast Watch Online


Let’s Make a Mug Too Season Episode 4 Release Date Time Cast Watch Online: Let’s Make Mug Too is a Japanese series serialized for the first time in 2012. Now it has become  worldwide. This is going to back with its season 2, episode 4.

Let’s Make a Mug Too Season Episode 4 Release Date Time Cast Watch Online

Viewers can watch Let’s Make a Mug Too on VRV & Crunchyoll on Saturday as per the Japanese Standard Time at 1:55 AM. In countries, other than Japan, viewers can watch Let’s Make a Mug too Season 2 on Ani-One Asia (Playlist) & KKTV. 

The season 2 of Let’s Make a Mug Too will be broadcast on every Saturday, but in other countries, it will air on Friday. The fourth episode of the second season of this show will be released on 23 October 2021.

Episode 4 of Let’s Make a Mug Season 2 begins with the journey of Tajima Mino Waew Museum. The suspense of pottery that the girls work on regular basis confronts the the audience. The trio found the situation windy, however, they decide not to return back. They decided to explore but they got scared after colliding with two heads.

That was Touko, their teacher, but they were unable to acknowledge him. One of the students recognized that their teacher wae here. It was Himeno who could perceive the presence of his teacher.

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Now the students are excited for Touku because he will be incharge due to the bad heath of curator. Touku will welcome the foreigners. She is supposed to incharge the group of  foreigners because she knows the English Language well and she also knows about the pottery. The higher-ups have hired Touku and they have talked to her mother about this visit.

Touku looks beautiful . Himeno appreciates her beauty by admiring her. Saki get disappointed when Himeno steels her lines, however, Touku thanks Himeno for her complement.

Touko begins to tell about the history of Mino Ware that its foundation s 1300 years old. Bakje technique was adopted  in the making of Mino Ware.They begin to apply glazes influence by Seto in the Kamakura period. This episode is formed to tell basically  to tell about the huge success of Mino Ware in the history of pottery.

Touku is so confident while telling foreigners about the history of Mino Ware Museum because she knows about the Mino Ware museum since her childhood. Touko also talked about the Shino Ware. Touko showed the girls different types of pottery stuff.

All and all, we can say that the  show is very amusing; therefor, it is popular in many countries. This has been collected in thirty three digital volumes. Audience is always excited for every new episode and every new season.

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