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Mattewara forest to be developed as Natural Babitat

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The proposed Mattewara Wildlife Nature Reserve is the initiative of State Government of Punjab to conserve natural resources around city of Ludhiana for the benefit of people and with the objective of developing Ludhiana as the greenest city. It has been planned to develop Mattewara Forests as a compact block of forest having various Nature Interpretation facilities.

Photo-Bhagat-Chunni-Lal-newDisclosing this, a spokesperson of the Government said that the project shall induce sensitiveness in public towards conservation of nature and environment for posterity. It shall be unique type of project which will be ecological sustainable and will be a centre of education, recreation and public awareness.  The project shall employ the modern techniques of public awareness generation.

According to the spokesperson, vast area in Mattewara forests is still open which could provide sufficient space to the deer for roaming. Keeping in view this fact it is proposed that the excess population of deer (approx. 500 Nos.) propagating in various zoos and rescued fauna in the State shall be released in this reserve.

The spokesperson further divulging the details said that an environmental trail of about 8 Km long & 3 meter wide is proposed. In addition to this the trail will be equipped with the educative, awareness creating sign boards etc.

The spokesperson also informed that a Botanical garden shall be developed to increase the public awareness about plant science and medicinal plants. It shall aim collecting, compiling, translating and publishing popular science work. It shall comprises of following 4 sections namely Arboretum which shall be collection of tree species in the form of plantation with proper display of botanical details of the plants. Atleast 250 tree species shall be planted in proper layout. Efforts shall be made to include all local species.  Cactus house shall contain more than 80 species of these succulent plants. The information about species, habitat etc. shall be displayed for the knowledge of the visitors. The beautiful flowery plants shall be one of the major attractions. Bamboo sanctum shall hold different species of bamboo. It shall be developed to raise all the species occurring in Punjab state and number of other species found in different parts in India. Medicinal Plants plot shall have at least 250 species of plants having immense medicinal value with proper display of their information.

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