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Max Hospital launches Asia’s 1st 3-D Digital Orthopaedic Suite

This most advanced orthopedic technology from Germany will place Mohali on  world map as an advanced orthopedic centres


NewzNew (Chandigarh) : In a significant development, Max Super Speciality Hospital (MSSH), Mohali today announced to launch a Brainlab Digital Orthopaedic Suite the 1st in Asia-Pacific region. The Suite is a revolutionary concept that utilizes digital patient data to review, plan and execute the entire orthopaedic procedure on a single platform.

Addressing a press conference at Hotel Taj, Chandigarh today, Dr. Manuj Wadhwa, Director & Head of Max Elite Institute of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at MSSH, Mohali informed that with the introduction of Digital Orthopedic technology we aimed to take joint replacement and trauma care in India to the highest level of accuracy. It would get superior clinical outcomes which was difficult to achieve in a conventional way of surgical treatment.

“Today every patient would want accurate and less invasive surgery for fast and early return to normal lifestyle. Every surgeon too would want a solution by virtue of which they could seamlessly integrate the patient information to get the best surgical outcomes so that they did not undergo a revision surgery. The Brain lab Orthopedic Suite would meet both these needs to perfection.”

The Orthopedic Suite has fully computerized Digital Operating Theatre that displays, records and streams at the touch of a finger. It has the first pin-less Ceiling Mounted Navigation Platform in 3D with most advanced software for Hip and Knee Joint Replacement allowing 99.9% accuracy in placement of implants. Thus giving it technological superiority over any conventional method being used today, asserted Dr Wadhwa.

[blockquote author=”Dr. Wadhwa” pull=”pullright”]”The first functional Digital Orthopaedic suite in Asia-Pacific works in a manner that there is efficient digital planning for each individual patient and the entire surgery is executed with utmost precision, to ensure accurate alignment and precise implant positioning. This in turn results in less blood loss during the surgery with pain free joint movement and utmost patient satisfaction.[/blockquote]

The Digital Orthopaedic Operating Suite would successfully predict the outcome of complex & routine orthopaedic procedures. Digital Orthosuite was a window into the future of medical care and a truly revolutionary concept, said Mr. Sandeep Dogra, Vice President Operations at MSSH, Mohali.

Meanwhile this state-of-the-art equipment is a product of Brainlab (Germany) which is pioneers in image guided surgery. It will place Mohali on the world map of the most advanced Orthopedic centres and, therefore, not only benefit Indian patients but will also bring international patients from various parts of the world  class technology available here now at comparatively far reduced cost.

Highlights of technologically advanced Brainlab Digital Orthopedic Suite:

  • Tailor-made digital surgical planning for all patients
  • Joint implants are planned pre-operatively for perfect size and positioning as per anatomy of the patient
  • Allows minimally invasive surgeries with least pain, blood loss and flexibility almost like a natural knee
  • Software gives  guidance on leg length so no chances of post surgery deformity
  • Safeguards against implant failures, dislocation or revision surgeries

How it will directly benefit the patients:

  • Automated customised surgery planning
  • Personalized knee solutions
  • Enhanced implant longevity for over 30 years, so less chances of revision surgery
  • Minimal blood loss and almost 99% accurate results
  • Precision and perfection in joint replacement surgeries

Important facts :

  • Currently, Indian hospitals perform more than 200,000 joint replacement surgeries every year.  This figure is estimated to grow at additional 50,000 surgeries per year
  • Revision joint replacement surgeries contribute to approximately 20% within the first 2 years of the surgical procedure & approximately 30% within first 5 years of the surgical procedure
  • Approximately 10,00,000 Trauma surgeries are performed each year with estimated growth of up to 15,00,000 by 2018


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