Max Hospital launches specialized Liver clinic in tricity


Liver disease can be an epidemic threat; Experts

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali today announced the launch of a specialized Liver clinic in tricity during a press conference held at a hotel in Sector 43, Chandigarh . Among others, Mr. Sandeep Dogra, Vice President & Zonal Head, Max Hospitals, Punjab, Dr JB Dilawari , former HOD, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh and currently Director & Head, Department of Gastroenterology at Max Hospital,Mohali, Dr. Nikhlil Nadkarni, Sr Consultant, Gastroenterology and Dr. Amit Sharma, Consultant, Gastroenterology were presented during occasion.


Dr Dilawari said that the aim of clinic would be to cater to a specific group of patients with liver disease under one roof. The patients with acute liver disease, chronic liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, Hepatitis A,B,C,E and liver cancer would be treated under this clinic. This team of liver specialist would be supported by a team of surgeons and intervention radiologist for best patient management.”

Dr Dilawari said further that liver is one of the most vital organ doing multi functions from detoxification and digestion to forming proteins and energy storage in body. It has an inbuilt ability to treat itself on its own making it a self-regulatory organ. But due to certain lifestyle factors, liver disease has become common amongst the masses these days. The most prevalent and also the most preventable risk factor for liver disease is obesity.


As reported by National Family Health Survey India, the Punjab ranks no 1 in obesity prevalence with 30.3 % men and 37.5% women are obese. Indians by genes are more susceptible to weight gain especially around waist. The excess fat in obese people deposits on liver, making it fatty. The fatty liver can possibly deteriorate into liver cirrhosis which is end stage liver damage, pointed out  Dr Nikhil Anil Nadkarni.

Also it multiplies chances of developing liver cancer and infection with hepatitis. Obesity is the precursor to development of type 2 diabetes. European Association for the study of liver reports that heavy drinkers with obesity related diabetes are at 9 times more risk of developing liver cancer as compared to without, maintained Dr Nadkarni who is also a Fellow at Mayo clinic , USA


Discussing the risk factors involved in liver disease, Dr Amit Sharma said that the higher consumption of alcohol is the only risk factor which is known to cause liver damage but remains ignored. Alcohol has a direct detrimental effect on liver because it gets metabolised at liver. Female alcoholics are at more danger to develop liver disease than men. Extremely high alcohol intake, moderate but regular and binge drinking troubles the liver the most.”