MC plans to introduce Smart Card for Paid Parking lots


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has planned to introduce Smart Cards for use of paid parking and e-ticketing in all paid parking lots in Chandigarh. All the paid parking lots will be turned into Automatic parking lots by enhancing parking fee from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 for four wheelers and from Rs. 2 to Rs. 5 for two wheelers respectively.


Giving information regarding the latest development, Mrs. Bhawna Garg, IAS, Commissioner, MC said that with the facility of smart cards (pre-paid or post paid) the public will not suffer to use the parkings during entry and exit. The smart cards will be provided and recharged through e-sampark centres. She said that expression of interest will be invited from the firms, individuals and organisations having expertise & experience in Smart Card solution.

Apart from day parking, night parking cards will be introduced to discourage street parking infront of houses of the citizens in order to maintain proper transport planning.

She said that MC will take strict action against any kind of violation in paid parking sites to avoid recent mismanagement done by the contractors.

She said that to make the paid parking people-friendly, the Municipal Corporation will invite the suggestions of general public to the new terms and conditions before finalizing it and will involve all the stakeholders before giving a final shape to the new paid parking policy to be placed before the coming General House meeting of MC.

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To seek public opinion, the new terms and condition as per the proposed policy will be shared on the official website of Municipal Corporation i.e. within two days. The suggestions of paid parking contractors have already been sought for consideration for better convenience to general public at large.

The MC will ensure that the parking contractors abide by the new terms and conditions in addition to proper maintenance of infrastructure & civic amenities provided in parking sites. Further the MC intends to draft a proposal before the General House to allot parking lots for 3 years avoiding any kind of discretion with officials while extending the contract for further term.

The key clauses of the new terms and conditions for paid parking lots will be including introducing e-ticketing, all parking lots to be automatic, parking fee to go up from Rs 2 and 5 to Rs 5 and 10 for two- and four-wheelers respectively and facility to provide paid parking passes through e-sampark centres.


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