MC Should not Burden the People of the City : Pawan Bansal


Chandigarh : Former Union Minister and former MP of Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Bansal, strongly opposed the fixation of the duty to collect garbage by Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh. He went home and strongly criticized the municipal corporation for giving the work of collecting garbage to private companies and putting the burden of this expenditure on the common people as new charges.

Two-waste waste management scheme has been started by the Municipal Corporation in June. Under this, 10,000 green and blue wastes of 12 liters capacity are being distributed and MCC has hired private companies to collect garbage, which will collect the waste by going home. The Municipal Corporation has recently fixed a lot of fees to collect garbage from different categories of residential houses, shops and institutions.

Bansal said, “Why are more fees being levied, while people are already paying house tax and sewerage cess etc. After all, that money is being used for what purpose and what is being done to that income. As a GST, their pockets are already being emptied by putting a new burden on the citizens and now MCC is putting more burden on them by putting the cost of collecting garbage on the citizens. Why is all this being done?

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In addition, he reminded MCC that the corporation should work for the welfare and facilities of the common people, and not the burden of people with new fees and levy. It is cheating people with this type of charge.


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