Meditation camp organised at Universal Group of Institutions


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Universal Group of Institutions organised a Meditation camp for their students in the campus. Dr. Rajat from Sehaj Yog along the team members taught various techniques to open the Kundilini Shakti which is inside every human being. He discussed various things in related to various kinds of stress, side –effects and how to overcome from that. He suggested 15 to 30 minutes meditation daily for satisfied and charming life. Students also clear their queries by asking several questions.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Chairman Universal Group of Institutions said that meditation is the base of life and it is equally important as academics. According to him meditation offers multiple health benefits. It is instrumental in energy management. It keeps our energy levels up and balanced. It also helps in improving breath quality, lowering stress and cortisol levels, helping you maintain peace. Even inter personal relationships and communication improves. Physically one feels more flexible, stronger and gain stamina. He further added that the main objective of arranging this camp was to promote the importance of physical fitness among students in sedentary lifestyle.

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