Microgaming has been one of the largest & first online casino games providers


Microgaming has been one of the largest & first online casino games providers: Since 1994, Microgaming has been one of the largest providers and one of the first online casino games providers. Microgaming is located on the Isle of Man off the coast of Great Britain and offers a massive range of different games.

Microgaming has been one of the largest & first online casino games providers

Microgaming offers many options when it comes to online games. You can think of live casino games, slots, gaming tables, poker, bingo and so on.

The games can be played via the computer, but often also on a tablet or smartphone. This way, you always have Microgaming close by, and you can still have fun with it.

History of Microgaming

Microgaming is based on the Isle of Man in the UK and has been part of the online casino games market since 1994. It is one of the most prominent players in this area.

The company has released more than 850 different casino games in more than 1200 variants. Since 2014, the company has also offered the ability to play Microgaming games on smartphones and tablets and the ability to play them on the computer.

More than 350 games are now available for mobile devices.


Microgaming offers many different games that you can also find in the casino. Most of the games on offer are slots. These are games that can be compared to the old-fashioned slot machine at the snack bar or pub.

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Microgaming offers slots in various ways. This can be done in classic variants, as video slots or as progressive video slots. Of course, there are also table games made by Microgaming.

Here you can mainly think of poker, baccarat, blackjack and the popular online roulette. Microgaming also offers bingo and even a combination of bingo and roulette called Spingo.

Flash roulette games:

  • Spingo
  • French Roulette (with la partage)
  • Premier Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette Gold Series
  • Multi Wheel Roulette
  • Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Mobile roulette games:

  • American Roulette Mobile
  • European Roulette Gold Series Mobile


With the classic slots, it’s like playing an old-fashioned slot machine. Nothing more and nothing less than that you used to find in the snack bar or the pub for a fun game.

The video slots are games that work in the same way but often have a theme. You can think of, for example, Tomb Raider or Jurassic Park.

The range of video slots at Microgaming is now quite extensive. Finally, it is also possible to play with real money, and you can use the progressive slots that Microgaming offers.

This way you can have a lot of fun with a small amount and also win real money.

Table games

Nothing beats a night at the casino. If you cannot go to the casino or want to stay at home, you can also play one of the table games developed by Microgaming.

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With blackjack, baccarat and 3 card poker, you can play the fun card games at home. The roulette is inseparable from the Microgaming range.

Different variants ensure a great gaming experience and make you happy to return to the online casinos where Microgaming offers its games.

Where to play

Many different online casinos offer Microgaming games. You can easily use computer games, but it is also possible to play casino games on a mobile phone or a tablet.

With a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you can play a game developed by Microgaming anytime and anywhere.

Live games

If you like to play casino games, Microgaming has something else in store. The previous table games are also offered live.

You play the game on your tablet, smartphone, or computer, but you do that with a live connection. Extra data is often used to use these games, so try to play live games on a wireless internet connection as much as possible to avoid additional data costs.

On the other hand, you do not play against a computer, but there is a real croupier at a table filmed by one or more cameras.

Another excellent detail is that these games are also offered in collaboration with Playboy. In that case, the croupier is a real Playboy bunny.

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As one of the largest and the first providers of online casino games on the market, Microgaming, Microgaming, has managed to hold its own. The market with providers of casino games is immense. However, Microgaming always manages to surprise with new games or variants of games.

No wonder that the majority of online casinos use this provider. The live versions of the table games are a real treat to use and ensure that you feel like you’re in the casino. As far as we are concerned, Microgaming will release games for a long time to come and make players happy.



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