Moto Spotlight, a platform for budding artists comes to Chandigarh


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Motorola initiated the Moto Spotlight tour few days ago and after seeing some great response in Kolkata and Lucknow it came to the city beautiful Chandigarh. Moto Spotlight, a 63 day epic road trip, will drive through the streets of India covering 12 other cities including Chandigarh.


The performing bands : Parikrama is a rock band from Delhi, India. They have several live performances and original numbers to their name. They have had millions of downloads from their site and other related pages. They did release a free multimedia CD of their singles and videos in 2001. The band does not have any policies against their music being copied and distributed. They have made their music available for download on their official website. They have been inspired and influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.


Rudraksh is a Sufi Rock Band from Jaipur, came into existence in September 2009. Rudraksh was better known as Satiety to all, until the band members decided to shoot into a very new genre of music – Hindi Fusion Rock. Rudraksh is Abhay and Gautam on textured guitars, Smith on ethereal groove laden bass,  Amit on driving progressive percussions, topped with Soham’s expressive vocals.

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