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MTV returns with MTV Fanaah season 2-Impossible love story

~Karan Kundra and ChetnaPandewill be seen in exciting new roles~

~The show begins on 25th October 2014, at 7:00 PM only on

MTV and will be set in the present day~


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : After an exciting first season MTV, the iconic youth channel, is back with yet another season of MTV Fanaah, an impossible love story. MTV Fanaah Season 2 is slated to begin on 18th October 2014 and will be showcased every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM only on MTV. This season, audiences will once more get to meet their favorite actors Karan Kundra and ChetnaPande in leading roles in the show.

Speaking about the show Vikas Gupta, Programming Head for MTV India said, “MTV Fanaah started as an impossible love story with an underlying supernatural theme and was set in the 80s. In this season, which is set in the present day will be set against the backdrop of a medical school where our lead characters meet. While some of the characters remain the same, there will be a lot of new entrants in the show as the show has not only moved in terms of the time frame but also in terms of the story. However, at the end of the day, at heart it will still remain a story of love where the protagonists have to battle the impossible in order to be together.”

As Vivaan, played by the hunky actor Karan Kundra, comes to grips with the reality of his life as a vampire in the 80s, the show takes a leap into the present day world. In 2014, the audiences will get to see an all new Vivaan, still a vampire, but this time battling with his inner demons. An embittered lover after having lost his Dhara, Vivaan is now on the quest to reverse his fate by trying to find a cure for his condition. In order to do so, he will now be seen as a medical researcher and a doctor immersed in his quest for changing his life.

Dhara, played by ChetnaPande, who passed away at the end of the first season. However, Chetna returns for the second season as Avni, a young intern who joins the same medial school where Vivaan is conducting his research. She will be joined by five other interns whose lives and loves will form the story set against the backdrop of the medical school. What remains to be seen now is, how will Vivaan react when he comes face to face with a girl who reminds him of his long deceased love. What is the connection between Avni and Dhara? Will Avni and Vivaan fall in love? Will Vivaan be able to find a cure for his condition?

As the lead couple set out to explore the answers to all these questions, they will be joined by Ayaz Ahmed and Scarlett Rose as the other interns in the hospital.

To know more about the show, make sure to tune in for the premiere episode of the show MTV Fanaah Season 2 on 25thOctober 2014 at 7 PM only on MTV

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