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National Poker Series India’s brand film for 2024 showcases its champions of the past editions

National Poker Series India’s brand film for 2024 showcases its champions of the past editions: National Poker Series India, the most anticipated poker series in the country, has announced the launch of its 2024 campaign with an engaging brand film capturing the real players of the Poker industry.

National Poker Series India’s brand film for 2024 showcases its champions of the past editionsAttempted to bring out the true heroes of the sport, the ad film showcases winners from the past editions of National Poker Series India in a moving video that highlights how the players have been playing in the series not just to win but to prove, compete, conquer and master, united ultimately by the spirit of wanting more.

Poker is a mind sport that requires players to constantly practice, honing their skills, much like any conventional sport. This strategic decision to showcase Poker stalwarts in the riveting ad film reiterates how Poker players are also equivalent to sports figure in the country. Here is the link of the brand film: Link

Hosted on PokerBaazi, National Poker Series India, after announcing a 50 Crore prize on 12th Dec’23, released the full tournament schedule last week. Click here to view the schedule. It is starting on 3rd of March 2024 and will continue till the 24th of March 2024. This is notably the biggest prize in any Poker tournament series in India.

Commenting on the launch of new campaign, Navkiran Singh, CEO and Founder, Baazi Games, said “National Poker Series India over the years has played a pivotal role in furthering a sense of community in the realm of Indian Poker. We continue to see a significant uptick in participation from across geographies and backgrounds to share a stage with the best of Poker players in the country. With the growth trajectory witnessed, we believe that the fourth edition of the series will receive record breaking entries and enthralling display of game by players.”

“The idea behind National Poker Series India is to commemorate Indian Poker players who through their sheer dedication have managed to put India on the world map of Poker. We are certain that this edition of the National Poker Series India will also witness budding talent and a series of thrilling display of game rewarded with a layer of due glory that celebrates the upcoming champions in the making.”

A combination of ATL and BTL platforms will be leveraged to create awareness about the National Poker Series India 2024. The campaign is expected to reach a diverse set of audience of poker players.

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