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New Scooty Zest 110 offers buyers better value

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Scooty Zest 110 is a well-engineered, well-finished and high quality product which delivers impressive power functions and is purposeful. Given its price, it is a worthy flag bearer package for a 110cc automatic scooter. The Scooty Zest 110 is TVS Motor Co’s latest automatic scooter, joining the company’s Wego and Jupiter, all sharing the same engine capacity.

TVS BLUE  FRONT WHEEL 45Priced at Rs 42,300 the Scooty Zest 110 is built keeping the youth and fairer sex foremost in mind, a compact, petite scooter that offers fresh styling, yet a familiar looking fascia with flush-fitted chic indicators, these nestled in a two-tone front apron. The Scooty Zest 110 is bigger and more powerful than any other Scooty model launched until now.

Adding to the features of the Zest 110 include a backlit with a legible speedometer, odometer and fuel-gauge, along with a TVS-trademark econometer in place to help riders get the best mileage from their scooter. Also to assist efficiency, there’s an idle indicator that lights up whenever the scooter has idled for a long duration when stationary. Supple, high-quality grips and nice switches are in place, the light new Zest 110 offers a push-to-cancel turn signal indicator, and the much needed rear brake lock clamp, that allows safer parking for this gearless vehicle. Mirrors are body coloured to match the rest of the scooter and does a good job by providing ample view behind.

A highly useful feature is a novel open glove box where the rider can keep her small artefacts.  There’s two retractable bag hooks, and the riding saddle covers a large, 19-litre storage bay. The scooter tail comes with an LED-powered brake warning light, which sits between a pair of rear turn indicators. The pillion footrests tuck away into little coves when not in use. TVS scooty Zest 110 also offers an attractive characteristic where a side stand down warning indicator works to remind you to put up the stand when riding away. Putting the Zest 110 on its main stand is effortless thanks to the stand being thoughtfully engineered for light, easy operation. In a clever touch, the Zest 110 comes with a silver painted, FIBER grab handle that looks just as nice as alloy, yet offers added strength. Overall quality and fit finish are good on this new TVS scooter.

 Maximum power produced is 7.9bhp at 7,500rpm, transferred to the rear wheel through a TVS’ CVTI automatic transmission system. Maximum torque output is 0.89kgm at 5,500rpm.

There’s an auto choke system in place for easy starts in any condition. The scooter feels fleet footed, really peppy yet always smooth, refined and effortless to ride. Acceleration is brisk for the class, feeling on par with if not better than all rival 100-110cc scooters. The Zest covers a 20-50kph run with admirable pace. Holding cruising speeds of around 60kph is a breeze, and if pushed, can attain an indicated 90kph without feeling overly stressed.

Seating is comfortable, the low, upright posture well suited to city commuting. The Zest 110 feels a light scooter, weighing in at 97kg, significantly lower than the Jupiter at 108kg and Wego at 104kg.

The Zest 110 does well to use telescopic fork suspension in front, while the rear is sprung by a monoshock, the scooter engine taking up as a stressed member of the frame. Ride quality is a good balance between firm and plush, while handling feels light, always easy with neutral feedback from the steering. The Scooty Zest 110 is a stable scooter to ride, and runs 10-inch steel rims front and rear, with tubeless tyres offering adequate grip, a chunky 90/100 section in front and 90/90 unit at rear. Braking is adequate for the class, with drum brakes at both ends powerful enough and easy to master progressive feel at the levers.

Revised styling along with a larger new powerplant ensures the new Scooty Zest 110 offers buyers better value.

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CP Singh
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