Nigerian Patient undergoes complex revision Hip Replacement Surgery in Chandigarh


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Now patients from African Countries are flying to Chandigarh to get their hip and knee replacements performed. Recently, Dr. Vineet Sharma of Advanced Hip and Knee Clinic successfully performed revision hip replacement on 28 year old female from Nigeria, Ms. Augusta Obone. The patient had undergone 1st hip replacement in Nigeria about 2 years back. But after surgery, she continued to have pain in her hip and limping while walking. She was really frustrated and thought that she would be permanently disabled now. She even gained around 15kg weight as she was almost bed-ridden due to pain. She showed her condition to many doctors in Nigeria but they could not diagnose her problem.


After lot of searching and recommendation from her friends in India, she decided to come to India and visit Dr. Vineet Sharma in Chandigarh. Dr. Sharma diagnosed her problem as loosening of implants and advised her revision hip replacement.  Dr. Sharma explained that due to her poor bone condition and risk of fracture, special technique of Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy was performed. Special revision implants were used for her keeping in view her young age, excessive body weight and also due to the fact that it was her 2nd surgery. The complex surgery took almost 3 hours. She was mobile and walking within 24 hours of surgery and was discharged within 5 days. She was able to walk without a walker or stick after 2 months of surgery.

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She recalled that before surgery, she was under constant pain and even going to the washroom was very difficult.  Now 6 months after her surgery, she is able to walk almost 3 km without and pain and limp. She is able to drive a car and 2 wheelers and enjoys cycling. Augusta is very happy and pleased with her result.  She has managed to lose around 8 kg weight after surgery due to improved mobility. She told the media that now she is ready to go back to Nigeria and start her life afresh. Dr. Sharma briefed the media that he expects her new joint to function for atleast 30 years.

Dr. Sharma explained the media that young patients can get arthritis of the hip due to various conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis which happens due to excess alcohol intake, drug abuse and steriod intake. The incidence of revision hip replacement surgery is also increasing as lots of hip replacements are now being performed in younger patients. With the modern ceramic joints, patients can expect their new hip replacements to function well for upto 30 to 35 years.

Dr. Sharma briefed that media that within the last 1 year, he has done joint replacement on 4 patients from Africa. The high levels of expertise available in India coupled with low cost of treatment are major factors which are driving patients to India for treatment.

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