Nirankari Mission pledges to restore environment


Nirankari Mission pledges to restore environment: When our sages suggested a solemn vision with the two magical words, ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakan’, they most certainly hinted to a united entity of humankind plus nature that forms the foundation of our existence.

Nirankari Mission pledges to restore environment

“It is our duty to take care of the entire creation created by the creator”, this is the message of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, that has been instrumental in bringing a sustainable change in our outlook towards environment.

The Mission, through its social wing, the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation has created a deep impact across the world through numerous initiatives like tree plantation, cleanliness drives, ‘shun plastic’ drives and save water campaigns over the last many decades.

SNM, in association with the TOI group has planted a million plus trees across India. Even this year, on 23rd February, which marked the 67th Birth Anniversary of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, who lived his life for healing, enriching, and empowering the society at large, lakhs of saplings were planted by Nirankari devotees in their neighbourhood.

This was done to avoid large gatherings and thus the spread of Covid-19. The campaign also motivated the participants to nurture the sapling for three years, till the time it becomes self-sustainable.

The Mission and its devotees have been participating in scores of cleanliness drives, wherein millions of man-hours were contributed towards the deep cleaning of various railway stations, hospitals, streets, river banks and parks etc.

The India Govt endorsed the same by appointing the Mission as the brand ambassador of its ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Water Harvesting, Solar Power Use, adopting Green Building norms and many more similar efforts by the Mission illustrate its seriousness in keeping our planet alive and breathing.

The mini dams built by SNCF at Talasari and Saiwan, Maharashtra have brought much-awaited relief and smiles on the faces of the poor tribal families of the arid areas. The residents now have access to clean water for farming and other needs. 

Besides this, the Sant Nirankari Mission has been facilitating social welfare through activities like Blood Donation, education for the underprivileged, free health check-up camps, relief and rehabilitation of natural calamity affected families, adoption of villages, youth and women empowerment programs etc.

Even during the current Covid pandemic, the mission came forward actively, contributing ration kits, langar (community meal), PPE kits, providing its Satsang bhawans for isolation and quarantine, also as vaccination and covid care centres across India. The 1000 bedded such facility in Burari, Delhi was set up for relief to our brothers and sisters with the help and support from Delhi Govt.

This year, on World Environment Day, there are limitations owing to the lockdowns across the country, and the regular pan-India campaigns are not possible. Nevertheless, a message of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, which is the United Nation’s theme for 2021, has been shared with all the devotees during a virtual global congregation, motivating and inspiring all to be mindful of their local ecosystem, restoring it to the best of their capacity. Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji, in her holy discourse, also appealed everyone to be aware towards the cause of environmental balance.

She also reiterated the lines of Baba Hardev Singh Ji, that reminds us of removing pollution from outside, as well as from inside our mind, existing as hatred, greed, ego and ignorance. This would, in no uncertain terms, create a peaceful, loving and healthy world.