Not all Fibroids need Surgery say Experts


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Over 40 doctors attend  Gynaecology CME titled ‘ Not all fibroids need surgery’ conducted by Max Super Speciality Hospital Mohali at Hotel KLG, Chandigarh today. Apart from pain & abnormal flow patterns, fibroids are known to be a cause of recurrent miscarriages & infertility or inability to conceive, stated Dr Seema Wadhwa, Senior Consultant, Endoscopic and Laproscopic surgeon, Max Hospital Mohali, the key speaker at the CME.


While Symptomatic fibroids  need surgery/removal, asymptomatic fibroids are to be observed every six months with scans. Endoscopic Myomectomy or (Removal of fibroid by a telescope)is the latest modality, where only fibroid is removed through a keyhole informed Dr wadhwa. This is a uterus conserving procedure and advised to those who wish to preserve their reproductive functions and are suffering from excessive symptoms including infertility. With the advent of advanced third generation telescope’s with HD camera’s, highly advanced energy sources, excellent sutures and techniques like removing fibroid in a bag to avoid any cancers from spreading, we have come a long way in providing a SCARLESS, PAINLESS and STITICH LESS surgery to our patients.


Fibroids (also known as LEIOMYOMA) are the commonest smooth muscle tumour of the uterus, occurring in about 40-45% of women over 30 years of age. Out of these surprisingly only 1\3 rd cause symptoms, but they occur in 75% of hysterectomy specimens. Speaking about the growth pattern of uterine fibroids, Dr Wadhwa said that these  vary – they may grow slowly or rapidly or may remain the same size. Fibroids present during pregnancy grow along with the baby and may shrink or disappear after delivery as the uterus goes back to normal size. Size of fibroids  can vary from pea/seedling to bulky masses that can distort and enlarge uterus to an extent that it reaches the rib cage.

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Related to hormonal changes in the body, it is associated with other condition such as endometriosis, endometrial , excessive growth of uterine lining and uterine cancers.

Talking about the symptoms, she said that Heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged cycles(seven days or more of bleeding) spotting or bleeds in between periods, pelvic pressure and pain, frequent urination, difficulty in emptying bladder, constipation or secondary changes in a fibroid can lead to acute pain, infection causing fever and infertility or inability to conceive are all warning signs.

Not all fibroids need surgery and not all interfere with conception and pregnancy, informed Dr Wadhwa .Depending on the site and size of the fibroid causing symptom’s decision for surgery is taken by the surgeon. A tiny fibroid close to the uterine lining may cause severe symptoms whereas a large fibroid at another site may go unnoticed until the female decides to get an ultrasound.


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