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NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : YesSettle has come with an online novel platform for users having any dispute, to settle their dispute and thus it is the World’s First Online Disputes Settlement Platform. This platform enables the user to initiate the process to resolve any dispute which the user might have with any other party anywhere in the world and the Platform further helps the users with its support in resolving the disputes through online mediator, where the mediator tries to resolve the dispute by breaking dead locks and finding an amicable midway solution to which both the parties agree.

Rajinder Sharma, Advocate & Owner of Yessettle said “The users can take the expert legal help by putting legal query to the panel of legal experts of the platform. And hence it is an online service which can provide relief to people aggrieved with various kinds of disputes, out of the court without any court trial or arbitration where there is no judge or any other fact finder who issues a ruling to any party. The settlement of disputes is quicker, more cost effective and more satisfactory than litigation in courts, through negotiation or mediation where it takes months and sometimes years to resolve a dispute with unpredictable results for both the parties if they are there to see the results”

The process through this platform can be paced according to the needs and schedule of the parties. Hence, disputing parties end up more satisfied with the outcome through this platform than through a decision given by a judge or mediator.

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AND to top it all, parties who were once fighting after coming to this Platform and resolving their dispute are more likely to preserve an amicable relationship for the times to come.




Just join by filling up your details and sign up



Write a short & clear proposal letter for the settlement of the dispute with the other party.



Before disclosing your proposal-Yessettle will send the notification to other party on e-mail/Mobile(Supplied by user) .


On acceptance-your proposal will be visible on the Yessettle platform to the other party for further negotiation, discussion on the issue.


Parties can also involve the online Mediator in resolving their disputes.



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