Oakridge International School Organised Art Exhibition at its campus



NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Oakridge International School organised exhibition of various projects  and Paintings. The hallways were buzzing with excitement as students shared their projects with their peers and facilitators. Various Projects of students like Animal worlds , unique me ,my family etc were showcased  . All the projects were exhibited for the parents to view. The parents were delighted to see the handiwork of the students whilst the children themselves were busy trying to spot their own special creation amidst the collection. The main motive of organising this exhibition was to give the young artists a glimpse into the art projects made by them.

While speaking at the moment Principal Ramamjit Ghuman Said that learning does not end at classroom doors, art exhibition gave students a chance to engage in academic and artistic self-reflection. The exhibition also allows students to gain insight into the life. This is the time when even introvert children shed their shy nature and shows their talent which is not possible in normal routine. Later, she guided the Participants and motivated them for their present as well as future participation.

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