Oakridge International School students learnt Life Skills through Summer Trips


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) :  Oakridge International School organized an Educational Trip to Mumbai to integrate the skills & learning in every aspect of school life. The simple exploration was fun, entertainment as well as educational for them. Adventure activities & skill development program organised at the X-thrill camp at Lavassa near Mumbai where students enjoyed adventure and camping. Mountain climbing, rappelling, river crossing and many more activities on the one hand gave the children lifetime experience on the other hand students also got a chance to learnt surviving skill in natural disaster.

These exercises and skills learnt by students are useful at the time of natural disasters. It demands entire body and sometimes even more so on mind also. Later, Students got a chance to visit Adlabs Imagican where they enjoyed   rides, theme parks, the roller coasters and the scary screams of joy echoed not only through the park but also through the memories of the children.

While speaking at the moment Principal,  Ramanjit Ghuman said at the moment that such trip provide students   opportunities to sharpen important life skills related to communication, teamwork, problem solving , leadership and risk management.

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