One Piece 1011 Release Date Postponed: Preview And Leaks Spoilers Cast Crew Review


One Piece 1011 Release Date Postponed: Preview And Leaks Spoilers Cast Crew Review: The most awaited release of One Piece 1011 by the manga enthusiastic has been delayed and will be showcased a week later than its original release date.

One Piece 1011 Release Date Postponed

Now the things have been escalated in the recent developments and everything has gone to next level. Even the slightest mistake can now lead to the total destruction of the whole team. Because of this, they are backing up each time whenever they feel like that the worst is about to happen. Here is the new release date of One Piece 1011 along with new updates.

One Piece 1011: Chapter 1010 Preview

The last chapter of One Piece i.e. Chapter 1010, was mainly revolving around the events that took place at the rooftop. We saw Zoro tries his best in order to stop Kaidou from ending up Luffy. However that only left a scar that will stay with Kadou as he mentioned.

In the meantime, Kaidou is wondering how much more Luffy has to take in order to develop and raise his strengths, self-control and power. As of now, everything seems to be like that Kaidou grades him with the likes of Gol’ D Roger as well as Oden as he evokes about strong rivals he has faced in the past.

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One Piece 1011: What to expect?

Currently, the characters in Manga have been trying to survive the attacks of Big Mom and Kaidou. As of now, they have been handling it right but they must develop a plan as soon as possible to win this battle. Even though separating them is working well so far but it won’t go for long. Till then they have to find a perfect way to defend themselves from Big Mom and Kaidou’s attack. It seems to be like that a major development is going to arrive very soon. You might expect a shift or change in the manga in the upcoming weeks or in further chapters which will make the things more interesting. Let’s see what is going to happen next.

One Piece 1011 Release Date

Initially, the One Piece Chapter 1011 was scheduled to get a release on April 18, 2021, which is just a few days ahead. However, due to certain changes in plans, the upcoming chapter release date has been changed and is now postponed one week ahead. Now, the One Piece Chapter 1011 is going to be released on 25th April 2021. Just like the other chapters of this popular manga, the VIZ Media and Manga plus are going to distribute this One Piece Chapter 1011 in the upcoming week.