Only ignorant build walls, saints remove them says Nirankari Baba



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sh. Mohinder Singh Ji, Chandigarh Branch Sanyojak, Sant Nirankari Mandal told that the grand spiritual get together at the 3-day 68thAnnual Nirankari Sant Samagam concluded here with a call to the world to realize God as the only means to dismantle the walls that divide humanity in the name of religion and caste. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj said that these walls are created only by the ignorant who worship God without knowing the Eternal one.

His Holiness called upon the lakhs of devotees of the Mission to carry the message of a world without walls back to their states and the countries and establish the same beautiful atmosphere of love and peace that they created in Delhi during these three days. Baba Ji said that carried by delusions are only those who go on performing rituals in darkness of ignorance without realizing the destination of communion with God.


They fail to realise that mere walking does not mean reaching. What such people, therefore, need is the divine light of God-Knowledge that removes the darkness of ignorance, illuminates the mind as also the soul and the man gets rid of delusions. Ram and Rahim are different only for those who do not know the Supreme Entity as one, added Baba Ji. He quoted the great Sufi saint Bulle Shah and said that those who know the Truth are the real priests and those who dwell the Almighty in heart are real pilgrims. Only they make life beautiful for others.

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Baba Ji said that this Samagam sought to advise every human being to link with truth so that they shun building walls and start building bridges to make man closer to man. Man is distanced from man because he is distanced from God. These walls are first created in mind and then on surface. Let’s, therefore, illumine the mind by dwelling God in it. Being pure, self-created and eternal, God will lend purity and stability to mind and end its wandering in delusions. It will get conditioned to God instead of the material world. We have, therefore, to get linked with God ourselves and link others. You are giving this message because you have established this link. Once man unites with God, he doesn’t harm himself or the others. Let him know that if he fails to establish this link, he will have to pay an incredible price for the harm it does. To restore peace is not so easy, Baba Ji said. It may require lot of sacrifice, he added.


Baba Ji recalled that UNO has declared 16th of November as the International Day of Tolerance. Today we see so much bloodshed because people want everyone to follow their religion, respect and believe their prophets. What we need for peaceful co-existence, however, is not this uniformity but unity. And mankind can be emotionally one only by linking with this One, the Almighty God.

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Baba Ji said that people today worship and eulogize Lord Rama but follow Ravana in their practical life. They can become the real followers of Lord Rama if they leave pride. That is why everyone at Samagam here sought to advise man to live with love and tolerance towards each other.

Baba Ji congratulated the devotees for creating such a beautiful atmosphere of love, peace, tolerance and service to each other. Let the world follow it and make life happy here and hereafter, he added.

The concluding session was marked by multilingual poetic symposium on the theme to bring down the walls of hatred and build bridges of love. More than 30 poets from India and abroad recited their poems in different languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.


Earlier, addressing the concluding session, Rev. K.R. Chadha, Vice-Chairman, Central Planning and Advisory Board said that initially the venue looked too small for the Samagam, but with the blessings of His Holiness everything has gone so smoothly.
He thanked the Railway authorities for giving concession in rail fair for Samagam which has helped more than 1.5 lakh devotees to come from far off places and enjoy the Samagam. He thanked various departments and other agencies of the Government of Delhi also for their cooperation.

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Rev. V.D. Nagpal, General Secretary of the Sant Nirankari Mandal and Co-ordinator of the Samagam Committee thanked the devotees as they did not mind any inconvenience caused to them during their stay. In fact, they considered themselves fortunate for staying on the surface consecrated by His Holiness with his footsteps, he said. He sought blessings from His Holiness for the organizers and all the Sewadars who made their contribution towards preparations and management of the Samagam. He also prayed for ability to serve the Mission without bringing in ego by anyone anywhere.

Morning Procession

Today again, Baba Ji and Pujya Mata Ji went round residential tents and sblessed the devotees who came from far off places to participate in the Samagam. Even though most of them were preparing to return to their respective places, nobody seemed to be willing to miss this opportunity to be face to face with His Holiness and seek his benign blessings. They were dancing in their respective regional costumes and singing devotional songs with folk music. Besides residential tents, the colourful procession went round the Celebration Ground also.


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