“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series: Release Date Time Preview Plot Cast & Crew


“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series: Release Date Time Preview Plot Cast & Crew: Hey folks, are you ready to watch one more exciting web series of India’s most growing platform. Yes, you are right.

“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series

We are talking about the ULLU streaming platform which is known for releasing some fresh and amazing bold content web series.

Well, the platform’s “Rupaya 500 (Part-2)” was the last release of the makers and now, they are coming with one more amazing and fascinating story for the fans. “Rupaya 500 (Part-2)” was the successful release of the platform and now, the time has come for the fascination web series again. ” Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” is a new arrival for the fans by ULLU makers. Also, the makers have released the trailer on Tuesday on Youtube.


Along with this, it has been just a few hours since releasing the trailer, and the trailer has crossed more than 33K views and 3K likes and which can easily explain the excitement of the fans.

There are some new faces in the story and everyone is playing their role wisely and fans are also attracting towards their role. Now, let’s talk more about the upcoming web series because many fans are eagerly waiting to watch this series because the platform has released some back-to-back web series that is collecting the enthusiasm of the fans.

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Scroll down and get ready to know more details like Cast, Release Date, and Story.

“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series Storyline

According to the trailer, the concept and story of the series revolve around the life of a couple whose sex life is not going well. Then, the lady’s husband tries to do something interested.

Later, he holes in his neighbor’s flat’s bathroom and sees them from the hole. Now, what happens to him? It is interesting to watch that what will happen with him in the episode? Scroll down to get more details of the series.

“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series Cast Members

We can see that the story of the series is very interesting and many people are attracting to the story and the cast members. This time, the series has lots of characters and everyone is playing their role wisely.

Many fans are also excited to know the details and names of the cast members but the makers did not reveal their names because of the personal reason but it will be updated soon and when it will come out, we will share with your through our page.

“Palangtod – Sazaa ya Mazaa” ULLU Web Series Release Date

Since the trailer has been released, the makers also announced the release date of the web series where many episodes will also include. Also, the makers wrote a caption that reads,” Armann dil mein jage hai beinteha lekin kya milega sukoon ya milegi sazaa?

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This caption also seems very interesting and the main thing is that when it will be released on the ULLU platform. So, the series will release including all episodes on June 25, 2021, on the official ULLU app. You can also watch this series on the official website of ULLU. So, just wait for more two days and enjoy with ULLU web series.


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