Parents Counseling session at Dikshant International School


NewZNew (Zirakpur) : Dikshant International School, held a workshop titled ‘Conscious Parenting’, at the School’s premises. An experienced Trainer Dr Harish Sharma who is a Psychologist, Child Behaviour Expert, Certified clinical hypnotherapist & Relationship Counselor conducted the informative interactive session.

The workshop touched upon subjects like Child psychology, types of parenting styles, mistakes that parents make, do’s and don’ts of a parent etc.

“I took up lessons from Gita on character building & Parenting, the Role of a mother and a father in bringing up a child, how parents can improve relationship with their children, making children obedient and looking at challenges as opportunities to grow happy & loving kids among others.” Said Dr Harish Sharma.

The workshop turned out to be a great learning experience for parents as they were told about things that had been troubling their minds and they did not know whom to ask for answers. Ways for academic excellence, Sharpening memory and brain shift, Knowing about brain functioning and learning styles, concept of multiple intelligence were also part of the discussion in the workshop.

“The workshop cum counseling session for parents will surely ignite the thought process in Parents about the need to identify their child’s aptitude, personality strengths, talents and interests and hence make informed choices at various levels of parenting & education of their kids. To increase reach of the session, we kept the workshop open for all parents and not just those of our school’s children,” Said Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant International School.

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Fostering respect and trust in family, Nurturing patience and good habits, knowing about heart center, Diet care; the workshop discussed all these aspects in detail. The workshop was well attended by Parents, teachers, Educationists & Child care experts.


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