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PEST a film made by Chandigarh RJ and Tricity NGO wins national recognition

Film wins 'Best Experimental Film Award' at Calcutta International Cult Film Fest Receives ‘Certificate of Excellence’ at Mumbai’s Indian Cine Festival Screening of film - a suspense thriller with a social message, held

PEST a film made by Chandigarh RJ and Tricity NGO wins national recognition: Short feature film PEST, produced by Tricity-based Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) Meshaan Foundation and Trippy Lenses and written by city-based RJ Manav Anand Ahuja, has received accolades at major film fests.

PEST a film made by Chandigarh RJ and Tricity NGO wins national recognitionTo celebrate the achievement, Dr Prabhjot Guron Bajju, Founder-Director of Meshaan Foundation, held a screening of the film and a press conference to share details of the film and the recognitions the film has already received at coveted film festivals of India. Dr. Bajju addressed the media and said, “Our film PEST has won the ‘Best Experimental Film Award’ at the recently held 74th Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. The film has also received the Certificate of Excellence at the 11th Indian Cine Festival-2023 Mumbai. The film is produced by Meshaan Foundation and Trippy Lenses.”

The film will be participating in many more festivals not just in India but also abroad and it is expected to get many more recognitions.

The main protagonist in the film is played by Radio Jockey turned Actor and Writer Manav Anand Ahuja – RJ Manav, from Chandigarh. Ahuja who has also written the story of the film and its screenplay also interacted with the media. Manav said, “I wanted to make ‘men’ aware about the menstrual aspects of women through the film PEST which is based on menstrual hygiene awareness. This is because boys are kept away from menstruation-related education during school days, while special lectures are given only to girl students. The film aims to bridge this ‘awareness gap’ and educate men about the kind of pain women go through during their menstrual cycle.”

PEST is an 8-min long suspense thriller which gives a very pertinent social message. The film has been directed by Samar Manhotra. Actress Reet Kaur Sohal is the female lead in this film. Ashima Chauhan is the creative producer of the film while Nirp Jeet Singh Sidhu has edited the film.

Manav said that Meshaan Foundation and Trippy Lenses played a very important role in the making of the film as the Foundation liked the social message in the movie and decided to produce it with Trippy Lenses.

Dr. Prabhjot informed that Meshaan Foundation is spreading awareness about menstrual health management and safe disposal of sanitary pads for which the Foundation is organizing sessions under the menstrual health campaign ‘Let’s Normalise The Period Talk’ which aims at normalising the discussion on periods.

Dr. Prabhjot added, “In keeping with our vision of spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene, we have supported the making of the film PEST on the same topic.”

Director of the film Samar Manhotra said, “It is high time now that we talk about the issues which need to be talked about. Rather than letting them get tagged as taboo by society. Men also need to be given the proper knowledge about menstrual cycles. Our film will educate men on this subject.”

“The whole team of Trippy Lenses and Meshaan foundation wants to talk about the taboo associated with the menstrual cycle. And this film will be an ice breaker for such talks,” summed up Dr. Prabhjot Guron Bajju.

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