Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Spoilers Review Release Date Cast Time Watch Online


Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Spoilers Review Release Date Cast Time Watch Online: The most popular and trending anime television series is all set with the new episode of the series to give the viewers a full dose of entertainment and fun with its plot and concept which is totally unique and attractive.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Spoilers Review Release Date Cast Time Watch Online

The marvellous and fabulous anime television series named Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 is ready to stream very soon on the television network. In the ongoing series, the viewers witnessed that the tourists protect Alolan Kyukon and apprehend she has lingered maintained for Pokem Hunter not to catch her.

The Pokemon defenders state that if she receives a sign of the Hunter, she will notify all and they are told regarding Triam Mission and the teacher who once caught Kyukon. Goh gets a note that his first test purpose from Project Mew has started and Satoshi charges him what it is speaking, and Goh interprets what has occurred. The duo discovers that Goh can take every Pokemon he needs for his analysis.


The last or 80th episode of the series is titled Trial Mission: Ugamoth’s Golden Scales in which the viewers witnessed that Goh and Satoshi have appeared at the Ruins of the Titan in Isshu to attempt Project Mew’a original Trail Mission. The couple joined with Chief and said to him why all were here.

Chief said to the duo that the Trial had finished several days before as there was an event. Satoshi admires what has occurred and Cheif exposes that there are Pokemon Hunters near the areas who are utilising mysterious ways to catch Pokemons but his digging crew have performed an enchanting Ulgamoth-related process.

After that, Satoshi admires if Ulgamoth is the God of flame and Goh apprehends that the wrath of the hill indicates an explosion volcano and they believe that Ulgamoth sway is in volcanic regions. Chief appends that there is a city established in the gold race near the wrecks, which went locked off when a volcano exploded.

The duo goes out to inspect it out where they appear at the city that is dropping individual and wondering if someone is yet waiting there.

The Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date is decided to be on 17th September 2021 at 6:55 PM JST and in the upcoming plot of the series, the audiences will see that Goh confronts a Dangoro Rock-type Pokemon found a century years before in a quake gap in a band of unearthed rock.

They chose to fight with it and Goh employed Water-type to destroy Dangoro while Inteleon employs snipe Shot and both of them accomplished catching it. Now, let’s see what will going to happen next in the series., till then stay tuned with us.