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Ponni Serial Today Episode Online: (Episode – 22) | 21 April 2023

Ponni Serial Today Episode Online: (Episode – 22) | 21 April 2023: Ponni is the latest Tamil family soap opera that airs on the Star Vijay TV channel. The serial cast includes Vaishu Sundar, Sabari Nathan, and Shamitha Shreekumar in the main roles.

Ponni Serial Today Episode OnlineIt is directed by Thai Selvam. The promo of the serial was released on youtube, and it gained major attention. Based on the glimpse, the serial revolves around the girl Ponni, who is not interested in marriage and does due to family circumstances.

Watch Ponni serial episodes only on Vijay TV, and you can stream online on Disney+ Hotstar.

Highlights Of Ponni Serial Today Episode [21 April 2023]

Jayalakshmi Is Furious

Jayalakshmi was watching Sakthi and Ponni from distance. Meanwhile, Chandrasekar asks an opinion to Jayalakshmi about Sakthivel and Ponni’s marriage. Jayalakshmi lashes out at him for suggesting the idea. Later, she slips from the stairs and falls, Ponni assists her during her recovery.

In the last episode, Preethi is on cloud nine when Sakthivel meets her parents. Elsewhere, Vennila orders around Ponni and ruined her parent’s photo. Later Sakthivel surprises Ponni by framing her parent’s photo. She felt grateful for him and his sweet gesture.

Ponni Serial Today Episode Online Cast

Here is the main cast of the Ponni Vijay TV Serial,

  • Vaishu Sundar
  • Sabari Nathan
  • Varun Udhai
  • Karthik Sasidharan
  • Sridevi Ashok
  • Shamitha Geddada
  • Bhargavi Eshwaramoorthy
  • Tharshika

Ponni Serial Episodes

Check out all new latest Ponni serial episodes 2023,

  • Ponni Serial Episode 1 – Meet Sakthivel
  • Ponni Serial Episode 2 – Jayalakshmi Gets Shocked
  • Ponni Serial Episode 3 – Chandrasekar Gets Emotional
  • Ponni Serial Episode 4 – Chandrasekar Meets Ponni
  • Ponni Serial Episode 5 – Chandrasekar Is Devastated
  • Ponni Serial Episode 6 – Ponni in a Dilemma
  • Ponni Serial Episode 7 – A Shocker For Chandrasekar
  • Ponni Serial Episode 8 – A Shocker for Jayalakshmi
  • Ponni Serial Episode 9 – Vennila’s Wicked Act
  • Ponni Serial Episode 10 – Jayalakshmi Is Adamant
  • Ponni Serial Episode 11- Chandrasekar Convinces Ponni
  • Ponni Serial Episode 12 – Vennila Warns Ponni
  • Ponni Serial Episode 13 – Sakthivel, Preethi’s Romance
  • Ponni Serial Episode 14 – Moorthy’s Crooked Plan
  • Ponni Serial Episode 15 – Ponni’s Surprise to Sakthivel
  • Ponni Serial Episode 16 – Sakthivel Makes Fun of Preethi
  • Ponni Serial Episode 17 – Sundharam Feels Envious
  • Ponni Serial Episode 18 – Jayalakshmi Hits the Roof
  • Ponni Serial Episode 19 – Shivani Expresses Her Gratitude
  • Ponni Serial Episode 20 – Ponni to the Rescue
  • Ponni Serial Episode 21 – Preethi Is Overjoyed
  • Ponni Serial Episode 22 – Jayalakshmi Is Furious

Ponni Serial Full Details

Here are the full details of Ponni Serial 2023,

Serial Name: Ponni
Genre: Family Drama
Online Streaming Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar
Original Network: Star Vijay TV
Timings: Yet to be updated
Running Time: 23 minutes (approx)
Release Date: 27 March 2023

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