Punjabi cinema lovers have a cause to celebrate. The Number One channel of Punjab, PTC PUNJABI is launching PTC BOX OFFICE. Every Friday, the PTC BOX OFFICE will bring a new movie at 8:30 pm.


The especially made-for television movies, PTC BOX OFFICE will craft your weekend with emotions drama, action, romance, thrills and nostalgia and give you another reason to sit with the family with a bowl full of popcorns!

With PTC BOX OFFICE, we give a chance to the new talent of Punjabi cinema so they can showcase their best without having to worry about the needs of the silver screen like -tickets, theatre box office and lakhs to invest. It’s an initiative through which the untapped talent will get a window to the world of discerning audience.

“We wanted to bring in powerful stories in a touching manner to all Punjabi movie lovers across the globe. PTC Box Office will not only give chance to the fresh cinema talent but also give fresh stories and fresh feel to the routine of television viewing for Punjabi audiences,” says Rabindra Narayan, Managing Director & President of PTC Network.

As the world has witnessed, PTC Network never takes itself for granted and loves working on creative and novel plans, be it programming, sprucing up its ideas, finding new challenges or a whole hearted effort to keep its audience entertained and happy!

Voice Of Punjab, Mr Punjab & Miss PTC Punjabi, besides the esteemed PTC Film Awards, PTC Music Awards & much more are some of the feathers to the hat of PTC Network. Now to take it a step forward, we present to you PTC BOX OFFICE.

In simple words, it is PTC’s mini cinema series in Punjabi served hot from the PTC Production House.

These films are not merely designed to entertain & tell stories of home & abroad, showcasing beautiful writing, direction and acting talent besides wonderful landscapes across the globe; but are essentially designed to offer a platform to filmmakers, writers, actors, musicians, technicians  and others who otherwise keep waiting for that one golden chance to shine!

PTC BOX Office is bringing in a very emotional story on this Friday, August 3, about a naughty village boy’s coming of age in “Addhi Chutti Saari” directed by well-known Sumit Dutt. Subsequent weeks will see films by Dr Sahib Singh, Mukesh Gautam, Jasraj Bhatti, Pali Bhupinder and much more.

In subsequent weeks, viewers will get to see the best of small screen Punjabi cinema in movies like Rajneeti, Raavi Paar, Yudh Da Antt, Makhna, Lucky Kabootar, Maat, Rihaa, Zameer and many more.

PTC PUNJABI is also proud to launch the MERA SWARAJ YIJNGSTAR AKHADA, a unique singing talent hunt show where the channel travelled to different villages of Punjab to find folk singing talent in a unique village Akhada setting. The folk singers sourced from auditions all over will then compete in quarter-final, semi final and final rounds so that viewers can find the winner of this unique talent hunt.

“This is the first time that a television channel has gone to villages in search of real folk singing talent of Punjab and has given them a platform to launch their career in singing,” says Rabindra Narayan.

He also adds, “We are highly grateful to Swaraj Tractors for partnering us in this unique exercise as it proved to be an excellent brand-fit to create awareness about their tractor while promoting the real talent of villages.”

The winners will get exclusive contract to record their folk songs with PTC RECORDS label and be featured in Akhadas on PTC PUNJABI.

Kudos to PTC PUNJABI to have taken the pain of going to villages and hunt the real and hidden folk talent of Punjab which otherwise had no platform. MERA SWARAJ YOUNGSTAR AKHADA debuts on August 5 at 10:00 am on PTC PUNJABI.

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