Punjab Kesri organises Chess Championship in Ambala


Punjab Kesri organises Chess Championship in Ambala: Punjab Kesri Centre for Chess Excellence organised the 18th Chess Championship in Ambala. Over 272 children from all over Haryana participated in the one day Championship which was organised at Cecil Convent School Ambala Cantt.

Punjab Kesri organises Chess Championship in Ambala

The tournament was organised with the permission of the Haryana Chess Association.

The tournament was attended by children from Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Open categories. While venue partner was Cecil Convent School, the sponsors included Saraswati Mission School, Ambala Haveli, Sanjeevani Hospital, Samrithi, American Hospital, Happy Child College of Nursing Sonipat, Greek House and Western Overseas Study Abroad Private Limited.

Punjab Kesri organises Chess Championship in Ambala

Punjab Kesri has successfully organised 17 such championships already. Started in 2017, the first tournament was held in Jalandhar with 50 children. The championship has been successfully organised in Jalandhar and Ludhiana with over 5000 children having participated over the years.

Chess Championship Winners:

Under 7 Boys: First Maidansh Goyal, Second- Vihaan Sharma, Third – Siraj Singh

Under-7 Girls: First- Ishi Singla, Second- Yashvi

Under-9 boys: First Aamya Gupta, Second- Aryveer Singh, Third – Naman

Under-9 Girls: First Aakrishti, Second- Gatima

Under 11 Boys: First Dynasty, Second Manraj Singh, Third LAkshya Kumar

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Under 11 girls: First Tamanna, Second Evelyn Kaur, Third Akshita

Under 13 Boys: First Kartavya Aggarwal, Second Chinmay, Third Ansh Arora

Under 13 Girls: First Vrinda Aggarwal, Second Rhea

Under 15 Boys: First Shrestha Sharma, Second Akshiv Gupta, Third Vaibhav Mittal

Under 15 girls: First Kushaldeep Kaur, Second Divya, Third Paushali

Open boys: Overall Aditya Sharma; First Amit Kumar Sharma, Second Abhiwansh, Third Sanjay Kumar Rana

Open girls: First Awakened, second Priya, Third Rimpi Devi


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