Randeep meets a horse whisperer!


NewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : Randeep Hooda, who is in Abu Dhabi to interact with a horse whisperer, is the only actor to appear in the entertainment as well as sports sections. The actor, who owns a polo team named Royal Rooster, wants to promote equestrian sports in the country.

Randeep Hooda whose love for horses is known worldwide, has been very keen to interact with an Abu Dhabi based horse-whisperer. Confirming the news, Hooda said, “There are very few horse whisperers in the world. They are the ones who really understand the behaviour of horses. Since they herd animals, they study how to communicate with them and lead their herd, so that they learn to follow you.” He further adds, “I’m hoping I’ll learn something, apply it and teach it to others trainers too. This way, it will help the partnership between the players and the horses.”

The actor is also extremely keen to spread knowledge about equestrian sports. While exclaiming about his elaborate plans, Hooda stated, “I want to form leagues for local competitions. Eventually, they can go international as well. I want to lend my name to the sport not for the money, but because I love it. I also want to go to schools, and if they have riding space, I would like to send my horses along with caretakers.” The actor further adds, “I’ll set up some programmes that revolve around horses. The plan is in place, and we will start executing soon. We have covered a polo game, so I’ll be making it television-worthy.”

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