Registration to betting affiliate platform on 1xBet


Registration to betting affiliate platform on 1xBet:  Affiliate program of the betting company 1xBet – a business tool that connects webmasters, owners of small sites and large portals. To join a betting affiliate platform on 1xBet, you need to first submit an application.

Registration to betting affiliate platform on 1xBet

The company with partners works on the scheme RS (Revenue Share) – it is a deduction of the percentage of profit from the income from the player. But you should understand that the player does not always lose, in case of player’s wins you also incur affiliate losses in accordance with the % of affiliate program.

Partners receive a minimum 15% on the revenue share, and, depending on the activity of the partner it is possible to reach 40%. It is important to note that for violations of the rules of the affiliate program on resources, the affiliate commission can be cut to 10% irrevocably. There is no monthly zeroing of negative balance in 1xBet affiliate program.

The country the partner specifies when registering affects its inclusion in a particular commission group. Commissions differ from country to country – they are set depending on the company’s internal processes. This can also affect the number of the available payment methods.

How to submit an application to participate in the affiliate program of 1xBet

First, to apply for the participation one should fill out a form on the Partners homepage. It is displayed on the screen when you click on the “Register now” button. The applicant should fill out the following details about him/herself and the proposed method of advertising:

  • full name;
  • E-mail;
  • country and mobile number;
  • Skype (if any);
  • think up login and password;
  • select the method of transferring the commission and provide the details for payment;
  • specify your Internet resource address and its category;
  • the language of communication with the support team;
  • the way in which the person found out about the affiliate!
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You should also read and agree on the terms of the program. The company 1xBet obtains the permit to share the partner’s personal data, which was obtained through his registration on the site, with its other promotional partners.

Generally, an application on 1xBet betting affiliate platform is handled on average within 48 hours, and the company sends a reply by email to approve or reject it. However, under the rules, 1xBet is not under obligation to provide a rejection reason. As a rule, however, such grounds are: a small number of users of the site, poor quality traffic, inappropriateness of the theme, etc.