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Revolutionary 3D Augmented Knowledge Lab established at St Soldier’s School

NewZNew (Panchkula) : A paradigm shift in the way students learn in school is now a reality. St Soldiers Divine Public School, Sec 16 , Panchklula has collaborated with Gurgaon based Kompanions, a company that develops path breaking educational products & services, to introduce for the first time in India, a one of a kind 3D Augmented Knowledge Lab.

The setting up this unique R&D facility at St Soldier’s Divine Public School, Panchkula, has brought an educational approach — ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’ to the region. Simply explained; A R means – viewing a ‘subject matter’ through a camera, in 3D and Live. Any phone with a camera can be used to view different subject matters in Mathematics, Science, and Geography etc. As an example the 3 D Augmented Lab will provide an image of a ‘Human Heart’ and when this is viewed by the student on a camera, it will pop up in 3D and the child can keep moving his camera and see different areas of the heart to enhance the theoretical knowledge imbibed from traditional text books. The technology will unravel lesser known details about subjects. Did you know what is atop the Taj Mahal? Answer in all certainty is ‘No’. However, through this method one will be able to view the Taj from all angles, including the bird’s eye view.

The school has introduced an array of subjects in this unusual lab. Students will be able to get a real 3 D experience while viewing fascinating multiple marvels of India like the ‘Bandra Worli Sea Link’, famous World Monuments like the ‘Pyramid of Giza’, observe animals and their characteristic behaviours etc. “It gives me pleasure to state that our school has introduced this state-of-the-art teaching technology in the country. It certainly is a matter of pride for the region that the tricity has pioneered such a concept; that will change the way students learn in school.” Says Neera M. Singh, Administrator, St Soldier Divine Public School, Panchkula. “There will be use of Gamification too in the lab along-side Augmented Reality, thus providing a powerful mix of interesting learning methodologies.” Said Ms. Renu Diwan, Principal, St Soldier’s Public School

Says Mr. Yuvraj K. Sharma, Director, Kompanions, “The lab will provide educators as well as learners a cutting edge advantage. Understanding of subjects will take place as if they were right there. This way, students will learn some of the intricate concepts in a much lesser time than the traditional theoretical method. ”

So what would be the spin off for the students? The lab, set up will bridge the gap between the current student understanding levels and the future needs. Learners will be able to connect the theorems as well as the text that they study in school to real life applications. “In-fact students will be able to clearly understand as to how some of the most complex systems work on simple principles learnt in school. In short; they will connect Lessons to Life.” Says Mr. Gautam Arjun, Director, Kompanions.

Through various ‘Gamification’ methods and state of the art 3D Technology, this Knowledge Lab will act as a strong base for future driven educational technologies.

CP Singh
CP Singh
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