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Right Ways Of Karva Chauth 2015 Puja Vidhi Vrat Katha Subh Muhurat Chand Moon Rise Time

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Right Ways Of Karva Chauth 2015 Puja Vidhi Vrat Katha Subh Muhurat Chand Moon Rise Time : Karva Chauth is a festival celebrated by Hindu women in North India in which married women keep fast from sunrise to moon rise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. This year it will be celebrated on 30th October 2015. The best time to perform Karwa Chauth Puja is during Sandhya time which starts after sunset. Karwa Chauth Puja is focused to seek blessing of Goddess Parvati. Women either draw Goddess Gaura and Chauth Mata on the wall or use Chauth Mata image on the printed Karwa Chauth Puja Calendar to worship Mata Parvati. Now below get complete details of Karva Chauth 2015.


Karva Chauth Puja Vidhi Vrat Katha Subh Muhurat

Women gather at a common place like temple or a garden or someones’ place who has arranged the pooja. An elderly lady or the pujarin narrates the legend of Karwa Chouth.

The essentials of this gathering and listening of the Karwa chauth story , a special mud pot, that is considered a symbol of lord Ganesha, a metal urn filled with water, flowers, idols of Ambika Gaur Mata, Goddess Parwati and some fruits, mathi and food grains. A part of this is offered to the deities and the storyteller.

Earlier an idol of Gaur Mata was made using earth and cowdung. Now just an idol of Goddess Parwati is kept. Every one lights an earthen lamp in their thalis while listening to the Karwa story. Sindoor, incense sticks and rice are also kept in the thali.

At this time the women wear heavy saris or chunries in red , pink or other bridal colors, and adorn themselves with all other symbols of a married women like, nose pin, tika, bindi, chonp, bangles, earrings etc.

Once the moon rises, the women see its reflection in a thali of water, or through a dupatta or a sieve. They offer water to the moon and seek blessings. They pray for the safety, prosperity and long life of their husbands. This marks the end of the day long fast.

Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat = 16:56 to 18:13
Duration = 1 Hour 16 Mins
Moonrise On Karwa Chauth Day = 19:50
Chaturthi Tithi Begins = 08:24 on 30/Oct/2015
Chaturthi Tithi Ends = 06:25 on 31/Oct/2015

Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha

Long time ago, in the city of Indraprasthapur there was one Brahmin named Vedsharma. Vedsharma was happily married to Leelavati and had seven great sons and one deft daughter named Veeravati. Due to only sister of seven brothers she was pampered not only by her parents but also by her brothers.

Once she got matured, she was married to a suitable Brahmin boy. After marriage, when Veeravati was with her parents, she observed Karwa Chauth fasting for the long life of her husband along with her sisters-in-laws. During the fasting of Karwa Chauth Veeravati couldn’t bear the hunger. Due to weakness she fainted and fell on the ground.

All brothers couldn’t bear the miserable condition of their adorable sister. They knew that Veeravati, a Pativrata, would not take any food unless she sights the moon even if it costs her life. All brothers together made a plan to trick the sister to break her fast. One of the brothers climbed on the distant tree of Vat with sieve and lamp. When Veeravati gained the conscious, rest of the brothers told her that the moon has risen and brought her on the roof to sight the moon.

Veeravati saw the lamp behind the sieve on a distant Vat tree and believed that the moon has risen behind the thicket of tree. To get over her hunger she immediately made offerings to the lamp and broke the fast.

When Veeravati started having the meal she got all sorts of bad omen. In the first bite she found the hair, in the second bite she sneezed and in the third bite she got invitation from her in-laws. After reaching her husbands’ home for the first time she found the dead body of her husband.

On seeing the dead body of her husband Veeravati started crying and blamed herself for committing some mistake during the fasting of Karwa Chauth. She started mourning inconsolably. On listening her mourning Goddess Indrani, the wife of God Indra, arrived to console Veeravati.

Veeravati asked Indrani why she got such a fate on the day of Karwa Chauth and begged to make her husband alive. On seeing the remorse of Veeravati, Goddess Indrani told her that she broke the fast without giving Argha (offering) to the moon and due to that her husband met untimely death. Indrani advised Veeravati to observe Chauth fasting on each month throughout the year including the fasting of Karwa Chauth and assured that her husband would come back alive.

After that Veeravati observed monthly fasting with complete trust and all rituals. Finally due to accumulating Punya of those fastings Veeravati got her husband back.


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