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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Maharaja Edition Revealed

NewZNew (Auto) : Rolls-Royce has revealed its latest Phantom Drophead Coupe variant, known as the Maharaja edition. The title obviously is taken from India, for it has had these rulers and the new Drophead has been inspired by the Golden Age of the Raja.

The new package was unveiled in Dubai, however, where it will be sold exclusively. The people at Rolls-Royce say “100 years ago, India’s Princes and Maharajas collectively engaged in what is described as one of the world’s longest relationships with one automobile manufacturer. Over a period of five decades, the Maharajas purchased over 840 unique Rolls-Royce motor cars pushing the maker of the ‘Best Car in the World’ to unprecedented levels of design, engineering and luxury.”

So, given all the explanation you might think that this car is made for India and will be sold here, but no, it isn’t. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe has been introduced in Dubai and will only be sold there.

You look at the car and see that the exterior is clad in Carrera White and adorned with emerald green accents and a peacock emblem, which honours our national bird. A Deep Green convertible top provides further contrast.

The interior features elaborate peacock emblems embroidered into the headrests and crafted into the woodwork and clock. You see more emerald green and Cobalto blue, along with a peacock feather pattern in Seashell stitching on the armrests.

This is among the first of the series of models celebrating the Maharaja and we hope that the next will make it to India.

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