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Royal Enfield launches The Scram 411 ADV Crossover

Royal Enfield launches The Scram 411 ADV Crossover: Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size (250cc – 750cc) motorcycling segment, today unveiled the Scram 411 – the brand’s first ADV crossover. The new Scram 411 is an engaging, accessible and capable street scrambler, with the heart of an adventure motorcycle.

Royal Enfield launches The Scram 411 ADV Crossover

Built on Royal Enfield’s proven LS-410 engine platform and the Harris Performance chassis, the Scram 411 combines spirited agility on urban streets, with competent rough-roading capabilities. Focused and purposeful changes in the riding geometry and ergonomics make it ideal for in-city riding, as well as unpredictable, challenging trails off the urban grid.

Unveiled for global audiences, the new Scram 411 will be available for test rides and bookings in India starting today. The motorcycle will be available in Europe and across countries in the Asia Pacific region by mid of this year, and thereafter will be launched in North America and Latin America as well.

The Scram 411 is a continuation of Royal Enfield’s constant quest to enable the pursuit of exploration, and to build motorcycles that can be the perfect ally for every adventure. One such motorcycle is the Himalayan – Royal Enfield’s first purpose-built, adventure tourer. Inspired by its terrain and decades of riding experience in the Himalayas, the Himalayan is the spartan, yet immensely capable motorcycle that is perfect for most riders, and has built a thriving subculture of adventure touring across the world.

Launched in 2016, the Himalayan has received global recognition for its pure and unique design and well-rounded capability, making it among Royal Enfield’s best selling motorcycles across the world. These highly regarded and terrain-tested characteristics of the Himalayan were the inspiration for a more urban, scrambler style evolution – the Scram 411.

The Scram 411 is a new subspecies that has the authentic vibes of a scrambler and comes with built-in strong adventure DNA. It is a motorcycle that feels playfully agile on urban roads, yet is a highly capable multi-tasker that is always ready for whatever comes its way.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors Ltd., simply loves the fluidity and the multipurpose ability of the Scram 411. Speaking about this in the context of modern existence, he said, “Whether it’s London, New Delhi or Tokyo, the contours of modern urban existence are  ever-changing. With our world increasingly becoming more fast-paced, life in the urban context has become about the weekday hustle and the weekend getaway, and everything in between. We wanted to build a motorcycle that could effortlessly navigate this entire gamut, and be the perfect ally for the young, modern day rider. The Scram 411 is truly a motorcycle made for now, and is always ready to tackle whatever surprise is in store”

Powered at the heart by the LS-410 engine platform and the Harris Performance Chassis, the Scram 411’s riding ergonomics make it an effortless and engaging ride in everyday urban riding situations.

The Scram 411 is powered by the globally appreciated 411cc, fuel-injected, 4-stroke, SOHC, air-cooled single-cylinder engine. The engine has a maximum power of 24.3bhp at 6500rpm and max torque of 32Nm at 4000-4500 rpm which ensures smooth power delivery and strong bottom end torque that elevates the overall performance. The motorcycle is easy to manage over long urban commutes with minimum gear shifts, and the confidence inspiring engine performance allows it to tackle bad road, and off-road sections easily.

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