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SAD commits itself to undoing the injustice done to Punjab on Punjab Day eve


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today while saluting the heroes, who made relentless sacrifices to realize the goal of a Punjabi Suba, reiterated its commitment to undo the injustice done to Punjab during reorganization of the State.

In a statement here on the eve of Punjab Day, SAD general secretary Maheshinder Singh Grewal said successive Congress governments at the centre were responsible for the criminal neglect of Punjab and its people due to which various important issues concerning the State remained unresolved. “Chandigarh was not designated as the sole capital of Punjab following reorganization. Various Punjabi speaking areas were kept out of the ambit of the new State of Punjab following a well planned conspiracy. Even the river waters of Punjab were awarded to other States bypassing the laid down principle of riparian rights”.

The SAD leader said now with the Congress virtually consigned to the dustbin of history after a decade long misrule, the SAD both hoped and expected the new government to undo the injustice meted out to the State. “The SAD will also take up the issues vigorously and do everything possible while remaining within the ambit of the constitution to achieve its goals”, Mr Grewal said adding “We are confident the centre will consider our demands sympathetically and resolve them at the earliest”.

Mr Grewal said besides the need to resolve the pending issues of the State, the SAD felt Punjab was not getting its due for coming to the aid of the country when it faced a food crisis as well as when it fought the nation’s war against terror. “Punjab filled the nation’s food pool at great loss to its own land including depletion of its water resources. It also incurred a huge debt while fighting the nation’s war against terrorism. Now we are in need of a loan waiver as well as a financial package to put the State’s finances back on track. We are hopeful that this demand will receive the urgent attention it requires from the centre”, the akali leader added.

Speaking about the SAD, Mr Grewal said the party was committed to maintaining the multi-regional and multi cultural identity of the country which was represented ably by regional parties whose role could not be overemphasized in a democracy. “We are also votaries of a federal structure as enshrined in the constitution and feel that this should be strengthened further. We are also for ensuring the minorities get their due space in society”.

The akali leader said the SAD also took this occasion to assure the people of Punjab that it was committed to all round development and peace and brotherhood among all communities at all costs. “This is the cornerstone of the State policy under the leadership of S Parkash Singh Badal and also forms a part of the philosophy of the SAD under the leadership of S Sukhbir Singh Badal”, Mr Grewal added.

Kulwant Gill
Kulwant Gill

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