Sagar Ratna celebrates Navratra by bringing special flavours


Navratra the auspicious nine nights dedicated to worshipping Maa Durga  marks the onset of festive season in the Country. Devotees pay obeisance by fasting through these nine days and eat only special food made without onion and garlic. Sagar Ratna as it has been its wont since many decades is actively celebrating the onset of Festival season with its customers by offering special Navratra flavours featuring Samak Ki idli, Sabudana vada & Dosa made out of only permissible ingredients.

For those who love Dosas, there is a special Navratra Dosa-meal-offer comprising Navratra Dosa, Kurma, Chutney. Sabudana Kheer, Papad and buttermilk. Besides the Dosa meal, Sagar Ratna is also offering Navratra Special Thalis-one an Executive Thali which includes Shahi Paneer , Aloo Tamatar , Samak Pulao, Singhare – Kuttu ki poori, Kheera Raita, Sabudana Papad , priced @ Rs. 245/-while the  Deluxe version priced at Rs.285/- has two additional dishes namely Arbi Masala and Sabudana Kheer. [GST as applicable]

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