Scary Horror Movies from The Yester Years


Scary Horror Movies From The Yester Years: Horror movies are often seen as scary, but they can also be fun for younger audiences. If your kids love watching movies, then check out our collection of horror movies from yester years. They’ll love them.

Scary Horror Movies From The Yester YearsA Nightmare On Elm Street

One of the first slashers flicks to grab viewers’ attention was A Nightmare on Elm Street. It starred a young Johnny Depp who portrayed Freddy Kruger. Kruger is a supernatural being that would come to haunt his victims in their dreams. These haunting dream sequences were very realistic and creepy making this movie one of the most popular of its era especial when you play online gambling usa games.

The Nun

The movie is based on a true story. The Nun is about a nun who survives an attack by demons while working at a mental institution during World War ll. She returns home where her faith is put through trials when she becomes involved with a priest. It was nominated for multiple Golden Globes after its release in 2013 including Best Picture – Drama.

The Conjuring

James Wan directed this horror flick based on real-life events located in 1974 near En field, Connecticut. Lorraine Warren and Ed and Patty Warren head over there to help a family whose child has gone missing and things get pretty terrifying for everyone on site.


With its simple yet disturbing graphics and grisly death scenes, Saw became one of the highest-grossing films of all time before it even came out in 2004. Based on Jigsaw’s deadly site de jeu en ligne game, the film was full of twists and turns that kept cant viewers engaged throughout.

The Wrong Turn

It starts innocently enough – a group of teens take a wrong turn somewhere upstate New York and end up lost in the woods. However, they soon find themselves stalked by something dangerous and evil. This film proved to be incredibly influential in the independent zombie genre and spawned many other similar films like The Forest.

In conclusion, horror movies have been around for hundreds of years. They prove to be effective in scaring people and keeping audiences interested.