Scintillating performance by the Talented and Consummate members of Aashray


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Kudos for a scintillating performance by the very talented and consummate members of Aashray. The event at Stucee was indeed a show to be remembered. Numerous people gathered around to look at the exemplary show put up by the members.

The event started with Golmaal Gagan giving a brief description about the NGO and how giving money to the child beggars can lead to a scrupulous and a well thought business. The members performed a dance performance, an act and a flash mob. The crowd or everyone present had tears in their eyes, being proof enough to the level of how impactful and commendable the event was.

To lighten the mood, the children that have been adopted by aashray introduced themselves and danced their hearts out with the members. We hope you associate yourself with aashray to eradicate child begging from the very roots.

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