Select Perfect Wedding Wear for grooms says Ravinder & Tejinder Thukral



NewZNew (New Delhi) : Just like brides its big day for grooms too and one wrong choice and your look for the day is all killed. No worries as Fashion Designers RAVINDERTEJINDER THUKRAL from THUKRALS ETHNIC come forth with wedding wear tips and tricks for the grooms to be. Make best of your D Day celebration and be the cynosure of all eyes.

Fashion of wedding wear is evolving and changing rapidly every season. Even designs  and silhouettes of sherwanis are  changing very fast these days like any other bridal wear so always check the right cuts, lengths, designs etc for the Sherwani for men and pick out something which suits your personality and height, choose the colour of sherwani according to your complexion. To start with, you must first ensure that the Sherwani matches with the current fashion trends. Lots of people make the mistake of believing that Sherwanis are always the same looking pieces of men’s wear and the designs never go out of fashion. The truth is that a Sherwani design comes and goes out of vogue just as much as any bridal wear. So find out about the latest cuts, lengths, designs, etc for Sherwani for men and pick out something that suits groom the best.

Bride-and-Groom-pic-1For a wedding Sherwani, you might as well consult the bride and find out what color she is planning to wear. Dressing up the bride and the groom in the same color not only looks good, but also creates the impression that they both must have bonded well before the marriage to plan their purchases and must be really fond of each other! If the idea fascinates you and the bride-to-be, you could also go shopping for your wedding outfits together and select similar designs for the outfits to be worn.

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These days, lots of designer sherwani for grooms are available in a complete matching set with the bride’s dress. Here both the outfits are designed exactly in the same fabric, suing the same design structure. You may like to opt for this option too.

While purchasing men’s sherwani it is important to bear in mind that being totally obsessed with the appearance would not however do much good in the end of the day. Generally, while planning a wedding and shopping during a wedding, people tend to completely forget about the more important factors like the comfort, quality of the fabric and the fit. Remember, the wedding sherwani would have to be worn for long hours, and groom would have to sit up and stand up and even walk around and sit cross feet on the floor during the various wedding rituals. He must be comfortable in his clothes from all possible aspects.

Most of the times a wedding Sherwani for men would be designed in such rich luxurious and superfluous designs that would make it impossible for them to be worn again in future for other events. However, if you are hoping to get all your moneys worth on your Sherwani investment, it is a good option to select such Sherwani that looks good at the wedding , and can also be worn again in future for other social events. Opt for a groom Sherwani that looks heavy and rich, but at the same time can also be passed off as one of those ‘expensive yet comfortable’ wear later, if required.

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Simillar rule is applicable for buying formal suits as  style, fit and cut are important factors to keep in mind before buying a formal suit, customized or readymade.

Cut remains most important element for the suit of a groom , fitting of the suit has to is very important for the groom to look classy and charming . while  choosing a  particular cut or style bear in mind that the suit has to go together a s a whole so you can’t have wide-leg pants and a slim-fitting jacket. Proportion has to match and the style should go with body type, height and weight. Proportions of the suit should match your body shape be it slim, relaxed or wide fit, the suit must fit your frame. You should also consider venue and theme of the wedding while  choosing your wedding suit so that your look gels with the theme and  contributes to the feel of the day.

Being  comfortable with yourself on your D Day is more important, if you are becoming a fashion victim and following whatever others are doing you will be spoiling the things for you. An ill-fitting and tight shirt , too-small shoes or too-tight pants could ruin the day so whatever you wear should fit well to make you look and feel comfortable.

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You can always go experimentive and add personal touché like think about monogrammed cuff links, colours in the shirt and tie, or even a quirky shirt lining that only you and your bride know about.

Building the look
Other important element for you is to choose the right shirt  that goes with your wedding suit. You can do littile trick by considering  the fabric colour and weave, collar and cuff designs and contrasting fabric options that may be used on the cuffs, collar stand or placket to add sleek design punch, you can even go subtle by going for a ton darker shades work on the fabric. Choice of buttons remain equally important, don’t go for very blingy or big sized buttons as they are passé. Minimalistic and sleek look is in for a cool and suave look.

To complete your wedding day look always put emphasize on the foot wear as this is one thing which generally people don’t pay much attention to . Don’t forget in Indian wedding we have a custom of “joota churai” which can damage your entire image if your joota is not striking.


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