Sinus Cleaning System would help us fight COVID19


Sinus Cleaning System would help us fight COVID19: Telemedicine Labs and Research Pvt Limited, a renowned telemedicine and innovative medical research company has put up a propsition for the Indian government to consider USA’s patented technology of sinus cleaning system that would help us fight COVID19 as because only this device in the world can clean up upper respiratory tract within minutes.

Sinus Cleaning System would help us fight COVID19

The company has tweeted PMO India and Dr. Harshvardhan, Health Minister to consider the option to save more lives during this pandemic spread.

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Government is already fighting the disease spread while asking the public to wash their hands regularly and sanitize them. However, the disease exists in the nasal tract which also has to be regularly cleansed from inside to protect themselves from the disease spread. This way, we can save up more people from dying or making it worse if it’s stopped before entering into lungs.

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The company has a technology of sinus cleansing machine that would help fight against the incubation of coronavirus at upper respiratory tract before going inside the lungs to make it worse. So, this machine should be considered to be used in all the hospitals and doctors as it would assist effectively to tackle the pandemic.

Also, Telemedicine Labs want to help underprivileged people by giving them this technology FREE OF COST to fight off coronavirus pandemic with government help.


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