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Split Strength Training Routine – How to Plan and Make One

Split Strength Training Routine – How to Plan and Make One: For muscle gain, getting shredded, weight loss, and overall fitness, strength training is crucial. Most athletes focus on this to enhance their sports capability.

Split Strength Training Routine

However, it is hard to give the entire body the focus that it needs at once. It’s no wonder why people are now running away from whole-body training in preference of split training.

But what is split training, anyway? This is a type of training where a person does different exercises for different body muscles throughout the week. Although a person can do a two-week program, but the most recommended time is one week before you start all over again.

Benefits of Split Strength Training

Compared to whole-body training, this option is noted to have many benefits. It is effective and muscles that are weak will get the necessary attention. Special strength training workouts can be used to boost the body parts that are weak.

The other good thing is that less time is needed to work out the muscles thoroughly since there is concentration. Therefore, split strength training does not hinder a person from engaging in cardio workouts or any others in their fitness program.

So, if you are interested in doing split strength training, here is an insightful guide on how to go about it.

Three-Day Split

This is one of the most popular splits where the lower body and abs are worked out on one day and the upper body is split in two and worked out over two days. Oftentimes, the chest is worked out together with the arms while the back goes with the abs. The main reason why the abs overlap in two days is that they are part of the core, which supports the body.

Experts at agree that most of their customers value split strength training and that is how they get more value from the enhancement gear they buy from them.

Two-Day Split

This is another very popular routine that you can follow. It is as simple as working out the lower body on one day and the upper body on the other. Experienced weightlifters usually follow this routine because it is easy and gives them a short rotation duration.

For beginners in split strength training, this is still not the most recommended method since many muscle groups will have to be trained in a day. For instance, the upper body has many muscles and all of them might not get enough attention.

Train Each Muscle Group for a Day

If your muscles are in dire need of attention, you can isolate them and train each one for a day. For instance, the abs and core muscles can get a day while the chest and thoracic muscles cam get can get another.

People with specific weak muscle groups should try this method but ensure that they go through the entire body within a week.

Final Word

With such a program, it is easy to gain the necessary strength, add muscle, and remain fit according to your goals. With enough determination and a good plan, this approach is very effective.

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CP Singh
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