Steelbird added wings to young dreams, “Main Thak Gaya”


“Main Thak Gaya” the debut song by Devotee Insanos  Abhishek, Anurag and Jayant reveals a chemistry of 3 friends

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Steel bird Helmets a leading name in helmet industry which has recently debuted Music and entertainment industry after giving a super hit musical surprise ‘Aankhan da Khumaar’ has come out with another creation Main Thank Gaya.


According to Mr Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director Steelbird Group, “Sometimes, talent lives inside seemingly ordinary individuals, the spark, the talent fading before it can reach its zenith.”

“But there are times when talent is driven, passions unbridled, ambition riding strong – and that is when you need a guiding friend, a mentor if you will, a strong trustworthy support. This is where Steelbird Entertainment entered the lives of Devotees Insanos, a band formed by three very talented singer/musicians – Abhishek, Anurag and Jayant.”

Mr. Kapur, himself a powerhouse of exceptional talent and motivated by an empowering force, is a man on a mission, a mission to establish and promote young, new talent from across the globe. He is making strong, sure strides in the entertainment industry, encouraging talent to shine by providing them the infrastructure and support they need. Steelbird Entertainment is an entity geared towards providing artistes a stable grounding that emancipates them and brings them their due recognition with an abiding faith in their capabilities and promoting their potential to the highest.

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Main Thak Gaya reveals the chemistry of 3 Engineering students Abhishek, Anurag and Jayant, living in Delhi for over a year now, the three friends met while pursuing B. Tech at an engineering college in Bhiwani, Haryana.

“This song will resonate with every individual struggling with the travails of living in our times. Set at a gentle, slow pace, this four and a half minute song will probably take you to the times in life where you have had the urge to accomplish a goal only to find your attempts thwarted at every level. It is times like these, where you cannot endure the rat race, where you get tired of it all”

There are several more surprises in the pipeline, and can be watched over the YouTube channel Steelbird Entertainment, which released the current” mai thak gaya” video.