Summer Make up Tips by Make Up & Beauty Expert Purnima Goyal


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Summer is all about going light and subtle , let your skin breathe air and remain fresh.Going minimalist is the trick for creating your perfect summer look. First of all keep your skin clear and glowing with natural blush. Good skin is the best make up, follow daily routine of cleansing, moisturizing & tonning. Hydrate your skin and protect from uv rays.

Avoid using liquid foundations as they are too heavy and will have large chances of melt down soon. Use makeup base inplace of oily foundation. Go for waterproof makeup base, followed by bronzer so that the skin glows for long. Go for light and subtle tones of pink, peach for bronzers to give summerish feel.

Try to avoid eyeliner as much as possible, but if you cant do without applying liner then go for powder liner , use waterproof liner & waterproof mascara in brown or dark grey tones, avoid jet black tones in mascara. Always apply primer before applying eye shadow as this will make eye shadow stay for long , choose light colours according to your skin tone.


In place of lipsticks use lip balm or subtle lip gloss, you Can also go for lop colors that provide sun protection shield to your lips too. For blush go for lighter shades and experiment with skin gelling tones that improve the texture of your skin. Try to go for smooth, shine free makeup that looks very radiant and pure, choose matte finish  even skin tone make up.

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Try to keep your hair tied in beautiful bun or you can opt for side swept French braid or cute ponytale with outer curls. Don’t forget to go for fresh fragrance or deodorant so that you smell the way you look. Summer is all about going in for peach, nude, baby pink tones for lipsticks & blush on. For eye make up you can apply light tones of blue, sea green, fuschia colour shades.


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