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Filmy Kutappe – 14 in English

I just not have whispered that night!! Neither I had a kutappa nor was a ban on the filmy season put off!!! Moreover I would have won the bet with my friends!!

The ramleela filmy season used to come once a year, and we filmy children eagerly waited for that. We friends used to save our pocket money and made our time table accordingly, one month prior the release of the movie. Every time we used to tell our family that we were going for ramleela but instead we used to go for a 9-12 movie show. And right after the movie, after watching ramleela at around 2 we all used to go home.

In our small town Barnala, at after every 15 days both the cinema halls showed 3-3 movies daily. And we friends used to watch every movie 2-2,3-3 times without any fear during the ramleela season.

Once upon a time, in year 1968. Movie “aankein”….”milti hai zindagi mei mohobatt kabhi kabhi….sharma k muh na fer nazar k sawaal par…laati hai aise morh pe kismet kabhi kabhi…-lata” this was the superhit song of that movie.

During the ramleela time, in the newspaper “Punjab kesri” on the filmy page, it was written in the movie “aakein” dharmendra and the lion had a huge fight in a cage. Dararh!!! Darah!! And in the end our Punjabi son “dharmendra tore apart the lion .this was the reason I had a bet with my friends to watch this movie during the ramleela. And the deal was that my friend will pay for all the movie tickets for the whole one year. This was the plan for all the15 days to go for a movie at night.

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Now what happened on the 10th day!!!!

Afterall there was something in me related to dharmendra and the lion. I started whispering while sleeping . sometime like dharmendra nad sometime like the lion. My family used to get disturbed because of the noise but they were not able to understand what was wrong with me.

One of my6 uncle had watched this movie before so in no time he understood everything. So on the 11th day of the ramleela my uncle followed me. As I was about to take the ticket my uncle came and quickly holding from my hand and arm he pulled me out of the queue. Let’s go home!!! He said.

On reaching home, firstly I had a kutappa from uncle and then mom dad. Now what!! Not only movie we were banned from watching the ramleela also. I wish I should not have whispered that night. I would have been save from kutapa and there might be no ban on ramleela/ movie season.

That time after 7 week, the next day 50th golden day was celebrated. And as I remember for about 3-4 weeks several good films were shown but the 50th golden day luckily came in 1-2 year for some movie. 50th day used to be a big thing at that time. Cinemas were decorated as if some kind of a wedding venue.

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Once outside cinema there was a office and the office peon tarsem had a cigarettes stall on rent. I along with 2-3 friends went and asked him that we will help him with his stall and in return we asked him to show us a part of movie every day. The good part was he agreed to this. So every day we friends, after our school used to go the stall and helped him with his work. Some of the hit songs like …”hum tum yug yug ke…yeh geet Milan ke …gaate hai gaate rahege-lata”!! “saawan ka mahina…pawan kre,,,-kishor”!! “mere desh k dharti sona ugle..ugle here moti…mahendra kapur”!! the dialogues of “ pran madanpuri” the comedy f mohuhammed puri and the danceof bindu-helen” we used to note the timings of all these and the next day used to tell our friends. Then after 5-7 months we friends collected some money and bought one of our friend the stall of the “paan -cigarettes” what then !!! no one was more happy than all of us and there was no more struggle made for the movies!!!!

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