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Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 16

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Filmy Kutappe – 16 in English

As I have stated before that there is a sweet argument going on between sudha ji and me from last3-4 years and today also all the movies that are released in the 1 week, I make sure that I watch almost all the movies.

3-4 years back, one night at around 8:30 after shutting down my showroom, I was able to get a ticket for 8:40 movie show. At around 11 after the movie was over, I was about to start my car and suddenly I saw that the ticket window was still not closed. I ran towards the ticket window as soon as possible to grab the ticket for the next show.

It was Friday, 5 new movies released that day. I asked the man in the counter, he said that the movie started 5-7 minutes ago. So in thought that it would take another 5-7 minutes to reach the hall then why not come early tomorrow and watch the shows. And today it’s like that after watching 2-2 movies I used to reach home at 2 or2:30.

Sudha ji was also disturbed of the daily filmy dinner. 3-4 years back we settled on a decision that if I reach at 11 I will get the dinner otherwise no dinner. I requested and begged her a lot. After that I was successful in increasing the time from 11 to 11:11.

From last 4 years, everytime on Friday Saturday and Sunday, before buying a ticket, I would always ask sudha ji. I know she won’t go but still to make her feel jealous and irritated I would always ask.

Whenever I got late i.e after11:11 I would always make up my mind that I would not get anything to eat. On reaching home I would open the refrigerator and whatever would be there be it rasgulla, icecream or anything, I would take 4-4 pieces with 2 big spoon of” malai”, and eat them with a cold drink. After all this I used to go off to sleep in my own filmy dreamy world. On waking, sudha ji would wonder whether I had dinner or not and thank god every morning I manage to get my favorite tea.

On 17 September 2013, my little granddaughter Sara took birth and on the same day our respected Prime Minister MOdi ji celebrate his birthday. The birth of my granddaughter Sara broke the record of her grandfather record of 50th movie golden jubilee year 1963-2013.earlier I used to watch approximately 12-13 movies in 1 week but with the birth of Sara ji I didn’t managed to watch around 13 movies in 1 year. Sara is like a magnet to me. After closing my showroom her name only just attracts me.

Year 1969, movie “ek phool do maali “ saadhana- sanjay, balraj sahni…” o Nanhe se farishte tujhse yeh kaisa naata….kaise yeh dil k rishte….tujhe delhne ko tarse….kyu har ghari se nigahe-rafi! There is no question going to cinema in this case.

Now I am 61 years old and form last 3-4 years I have noticed that none of them neither male or female of my age or elder than me cannot be seen in theater after 10:11. In that age this time is better for sleep. No one including the children, newlywed couples , 35-40 years old couples and people of my age were not seen in the hall. This was kind of strange for me.

One night at around 10 o clock I saw a man elder than me. I went to him and said with my folder hands that you are my “Guru” and from today onwards I am your “child”. Today you broke my filmy record. I am a regular in watching movie from my childhood till now and I hav not seen anyone elder than me. The man was accompanied by his son, daughter in law and their children and I also gave my visiting card to them.

After 4-5 days the son, his wife and their children visited my showroom they were narrating the whole scene that happened when they went home after the movie. They said that their father was very happy as I called him my “guru”.

Then they bought some fancy lights from my shop for their house.


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